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Sichuan Bazhong a gas station in gasoline has caused 30 car flameout water – Beijing, the morning of October 19th, a number of car drivers, reporting through the open area of Bazhong Hongfu gas station No. 93 gasoline quality problems. Public security bureau area Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Quality Supervision Bureau, the rapid joint law enforcement, after investigation, in the afternoon, all the 93 gasoline tanker was Industrial and Commercial Bureau seals. It is understood that within the jurisdiction of a business person in charge: there are many cars in the morning at Tivoli gas station after adding oil, not far off automatically, and can’t get it started again. The garage staff detected the car stalled because new gasoline has been watered down. Huaxi City Reader reporter visited the survey. Gas station owners after the vehicle stalled on the morning of 19 at about 12, the owner Mr. Jiang said, in the Tivoli gas station plus 200 yuan 93 gasoline after the vehicle out of the gas station 700 meters, the car can not give oil, that is not stall. "I immediately reduce the file, I did not expect the final car flameout, back to the gas station and found a lot of people like me. My car is not out of the gas station on the flameout, there is a car behind the end of the oil, together with the steps of the flameout." Also in the gas station refueling Ms. Wang said. According to introduction: in the morning Mr. girder Tivoli gas station oil, about 100 meters out automatically flameout, after flameout regardless of how are not fire, can not afford to launch. Wood Wu police station yesterday, about more than and 30 cars in the gas station after the extinction phenomenon. Check the gasoline was added to the water finally, Mr. Jiang called 4S shop repair personnel to check, through the inspection found that Mr. Jiang’s car fuel tank doped with a lot of water. Just at the gas station, how to add oil in the mailbox will have water before they realized that gasoline is not qualified." Mr. Jiang is puzzled and worried, "just bought a new car soon encountered such a thing, it will not affect the engine according to the car?" Mr Leung, see Industrial and Commercial Bureau extracted samples, the naked eye can see the oil impurities, impurity and water too much inside. There is a car owner Mr. Du simply with the experiment, the gas station in Calais and then pour the oil shake Tivoli, mineral water bottles, 10 seconds later, poured gasoline into the bottle was two, above a layer of pale yellow, the following is a layer of pale pink. "Floating above the oil, here is water, because oil and water are incompatible." A person who claimed to be the Tivoli oil company staff said, the owners and the oil is from the field to pull, "today when unloading workers do not see direct discharge into, did not see there is oil or water, so the company should be held accountable, we will give you an explanation." Processing business and other departments involved in the investigation of gas station owners to assume the maintenance fees reflect the situation, a staff member of the gas station said that she was working here, the specific situation and knowledge, then, the owner called the police. The Public Security Bureau of Bazhong City Economic Development Zone Branch wood Wu police station rushed to the scene, "the preliminary understanding that the day’s相关的主题文章:

Review go hand in hand together dream – Sohu news 660003

Summary: the common dream forward hand in hand – Sohu Xinhua news agency in Beijing in November 18, review: the common dream forward hand in hand — Peru people hot President Xi signed article Xinhua News Agency reporters the morning of the 17 day, the ancient city of Lima from slumber. Enjoying the APEC leaders meeting (APEC) week holidays primary school teacher Hoyos came to the door of the newsstand, freely open "Daily", see an article titled "circle dream with a hundred years of development cooperation Xinhua article chapter" spectrum, the signature of the author is Chinese President Xi Jinping. At the invitation of President Kuczynski of Peru, President Xi Jinping will attend the twenty-fourth informal meeting of leaders of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and pay a state visit to Peru. In this article to all the people of Peru "letters", Mr Xi kindly reviewed the course of development of relations between the two countries, in response to Peru people concerned about bilateral relations and common development of the two countries transfer the confidence of the people. "The visiting President Xi is a great event in the secret relationship, President Kuczynski took office in September this year, shortly after the Chinese as the first visit to the country, the leaders of the two countries met again in such a short period of time, explain the relationship between the two countries is really great." Hoyos in one hand and a newspaper, a hand out of the thumb to the reporter. "Last 90s, I visited Peru and left a good impression on me." Xi president to start his own experience, to express his love for Peru, which makes the Chinese Culture Association chairman Eduardo Yang Yang feel more cordial. President Xi recalled the visit to Peru left a beautiful impression, showing the friendship between the lines to Peru, read to feel very cordial." China and the United States have a long history. As early as more than 400 years ago, China and the United States on the opening of the sea route, the two peoples across the Pacific to expand friendly exchanges, forged a profound friendship. Over the past 45 years since the establishment of diplomatic ties, the two sides have maintained mutual respect and equality, firmly supported each other’s core interests and major concerns, and accumulated profound political trust, which laid an important foundation for the development of bilateral ties. Through the article, some people see the traditional friendship between China and the United States, but also read out the prospects for future cooperation. "In 2015, the bilateral trade volume of nearly $15 billion, Peru has become the largest investment in Latin America to attract Chinese countries, more than 170 China enterprises to invest in Peru, all kinds of investment totaled more than $14 billion of the two data — the economic problems of Peru Rosen let the experts excited Akat?. After reading the President Xi’s article, I have more confidence in the future development of bilateral relations, especially in the current challenging international background, the prospects for cooperation between the two countries more exciting". "The President Xi Spring is in the air.", in order to describe the secret of pragmatic cooperation. "Travel Club" Travel Agency Manager cintia? Delgado said that the word is accurate summary of friendly cooperation between the two countries. The current and future development trend. He believes that with the continuous strengthening of bilateral economic and trade cooperation and strengthen the development of mutual investment and tourism between the two countries will be promoted to a new level of development. "China people appreciate the Inca civilization, more and more Chinese hope)相关的主题文章:

Shanghai documents for Finland travel tips – Sohu travel helmet怎么读

Shanghai documents for the Finland tourism strategy tips – Sohu on the Finland tourism can not fail to mention the quintessence of Finland — the sauna. If you do not have a sauna in the hometown of sauna, it is not equal to Finland. In addition to the sauna, before you plan to come to Finland, you may be curious about some things, want to know more. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. This small general schedule for your questions here! Finland is the best tourist season in what time? It depends on what you want to experience. If you love the snow, and enjoy winter activities, so during December to March is the best season; if you like the spring sunshine and fresh from winter awakening Nature, then the election of April to May; if you want to experience a long and warm summer, to participate in the activities of rich, will be in 6, 7 8, three months to Finland; if you want to watch the colorful autumn leaves, then from 9 to October is definitely the best time. Don’t speak Finnish, in Finland can do it? If you can speak English, you won’t have any problems. The official language of Finland is Finnish and Swedish, but most Finns will speak fluent, at least can make people understand english. Where can I see the northern lights? In the north of Finland Lapland, have the opportunity to see the northern lights coming from the end of August April. Auroral activity is most frequent at the beginning and end of the auroral season. What about the midnight sun? The midnight sun has to go to Lapland. In the northernmost part of Finland, U F Yogi (Utsjoki), from mid May to the end of July, the sun on the horizon for up to two months. In southern Lapland between June and July, the sun will last for a month. Moreover, most of the time in summer, can experience the night in Finland area no matter which. Finland and Chinese within a few hours? Finland time is GMT (GMT) 2 hours earlier. China and Finland time: daylight saving time is 5 hours, winter time is 6 hours. The EU begins from the last Sunday of March, this day, put the clock ahead one hour; summer last Sunday to the end of October, then put the clock back an hour. Finland uses 24 hours of time to carry, such as shops will have such a mark: 09:00-21:00 or 07:00-19:00. How about the water quality in Finland? 80% of the water in Finland has been assessed as a special pure grade. The quality of tap water in Finland is higher than that of bottled water, and it is free to drink all over the country. In the hotel where you stay, as long as the water faucet to the coldest of the file, the release of water is drinking water. Do you need a tip in Finland? Finland has little tradition of tipping, but it is becoming more common recently. In fact, hotels, restaurants and taxi prices are included in the service fee, do not have to tip. If you are particularly satisfied with the service, you can also give some. The locker room costs 2 euros, usually written on the sign. What to do if you lose something in Finland? If you have lost personal belongings in other cities in Finland, please contact the local police. How in Finland.相关的主题文章:

Hebei Huanghua 100 unearthed the Warring States tombs burial urn national rare (video) ratatouille

Hebei Huanghua 100 unearthed the Warring States tombs burial urn found in Hebei national rare adult burial urn in the Warring States period there are six rare groups at two meters from the ground scene of Xinhua News Agency Shijiazhuang October 7th news (reporter Wang Min) Hebei city of Huanghua province in May this year for the first time in the vicinity of Fudi urn burial sites found, after several months of continuous excavation, at present have been found more than 110 urn burial tombs, and the scale is very rare in china. The archaeological site in large and small grave, grave in the urn, burial pottery basin, 2 or 3 are buckled together become a coffin. From the Hebei Provincial Institute of cultural relics, Huanghua Museum archaeologists excavated 107 adult children burial urn, urn burial block 6. Huanghua City Museum curator Zhang Baogang said, "due to the 2000 years of River Mining and destruction of natural environment, we found just the whole part of the urn burial sites. According to the scene, in the excavation point 150 meters south are within the scope of relics found that adult urn burial zone would be larger than many current." According to archaeologists preliminary statistics, has excavated 113 urn burial, as many as 20 kinds of shapes, and identified as the Warring States period artifacts, 6 of which by the Frontier Archaeology Research Center of Jilin University identified as adults and a burial urn, burial. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Archaeological Research Institute deputy director Bai Yunxiang said that the excavation of the cemetery urn burial types, intensive distribution, in the clear, the size of the same type in the country in large tombs, which plays an important role in the study of more than 2000 years ago, the city of funeral customs. Fudi site is located in the northwest of Huanghua City, in the historical records and related research, much as war military defense city of Han dynasty. Local history scholars believe that the burial urn is actually part of the cemetery of Fudi, large-scale children’s tomb found reflects the city’s prosperity, but also the ancient city is a purely military city question.相关的主题文章:

Brazil oil company corruption continues to ferment a number of political heavyweights or been implic sexinse

Brazil oil company corruption case continues many political heavyweights – or were implicated in the Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on September 25th news (reporter Wang Yuxin Yang Jing) according to the China voice of the "national network news" reported that the Brazil Supreme Court justice Savvas Ki No. 23 decision on authorization development including the current Senate President Karel Ross, an independent investigation into alleged corruption and just officially became president of Brazil near temer, a number of Brazil’s "heavyweight". The decision of the Brazil Supreme Court in 23 officially announced, this decision is some time ago to arrest president of Brazil oil transportation company based on Sergio’s testimony made by the Brazilian?. Machado’s testimony involves a wide range, there are more than 20 party members from Brazil, heavyweight members are involved. According to Machado said, during which he served as president of the petroleum transport company in Brazil in 2012, was a vice president temer and air force base when the capital Brasilia had a meeting. Temel asked Machado to provide about 1 million 500 thousand of Real, which is about 3 million yuan of funds, help was running for mayor of St Paul, the Brazil Democratic Movement Party candidate Gabriel challita?. Not only that, Machado also claimed that the project rebates, about 100 million reais (about 200 million yuan) of the "black money" put into the Democratic Movement Party temer pocket. So far, the presidential palace in Brazil has not made any statement on the matter. In the next period of time, the prosecution will conduct an independent investigation of the involved in politics more than Brazilian confessed bigwigs. But even so, as the current president of Brazil temer still can temporarily survive. According to the current law of Brazil, the president is only responsible for what he has done in his office, and will not be the object of investigation for the time being outside his office.相关的主题文章:

Chulalongkorn University, Thailand’s oldest university – Sohu travel 660003

Chulalongkorn University, Thailand’s oldest Sohu – Chulalongkorn University (English: Chulalongkorn University) is Thailand’s oldest university, known as "China’s most prestigious universities, but also one of the best university in Thailand, similar to the domestic Peking University and Tsinghua university. The school is named after Jura Ron Kama King Rama V, is the founder of Wajilawude King Rama VI (H.M.Vajiravudh). Not far from the Chulalongkorn University Erawan, Erawan Yufan walk from ibis, from Simian Fo out check the map, to the Chulalongkorn University is more than a kilometer, and do not intend to continue to walk to the car. En route to the Jura, passing a building, there is a statue in front, not who went to inquire about the specific way, continue to occasionally encounter some foraging birds, dove, people walk or be afraid that they usually saw the people are very friendly, not to scare them, but not to hunt them for about more than and 10 minutes, finally arrived at Chulalongkorn University School, this is the gate of the school, is outside the road, near the shoot, so wide under somewhat distorted. The campus environment is very good, the sweet, fragrant flowers of the lotus pool was opened, this is Chongqing sail this year to see the earliest open Lotus, domestic generally in June before the opening, and then a lotus opened here in March, is very magical, the camera is wide, lazy without changing the lens, really the good shots in the middle of the lotus pool and not to the water lily, the middle part of the flowers are some of the common big lotus is on both sides of the symmetrical Thailand style building the school environment is very good, the Angkor Wat towering old trees sculpture in Kampuchea is very common, is their belief of totem to move on, there is wide lawns and tall trees, the environment is very beautiful, and some buildings interspersed with the center of the campus, there is a huge The three square, the top is Thailand King Rama V, Jura Ron Kama sitting statue, when Chongqing sail through, is in a class of students are devout worship. The flowers of the sculpture, the midday shooting backlit. The students in the campus, they are the top students in Thailand, have a chance to read into the Thailand most famous institutions of higher learning schools; a lot of celebrities, for the people, the princess should not strange? Every famous university she is from the school to go out there is a lake, Chulalongkorn University School of the same, in front of a large square lake adds more aura for this prestigious university! Yu Fan tips: 1, traffic: take the subway to the Sam Yan station, or walk from Siam square to the south, about 10 minutes. From all walks of Buddha walk as long as more than and 10 minutes, if you can not find the road, it is recommended to use the map (recommended Google map) navigation forward; 2, tickets: no tickets; 3, opening hours: 8:00-18:00相关的主题文章: