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Our military experts talk about the crash: the Russian MIG 29 aircraft is the best choice for updating the Soviet 33 Russian naval aviation is an aircraft off the coast of Syria with the Kuznetsov mission of MIG -29 fighters, the return landing process crashed into the Mediterranean, the safety of the pilot parachute to escape rescued. So, what was the cause of the crash? Will it affect Russia’s military operations in Syria? On the topic, the reporter interviewed military observers Liang Yongchun. The MIG -29 earlier in the airshow crash data figure. Mechanical failure and human factors caused the crash in Russia the MIG -29 fighter crashed into the sea in the landing when ready to return. Observers Liang Yongchun believes that the crash should be caused by mechanical failure and human factors together. The MIG -29 engine is always a problem, India Navy when using this aircraft has been complaining that its reliability is not good enough, especially when ready to ship. Because it uses a low speed flight, once the engine failure, the aircraft will fall off the height. Of course, the MIG -29 is a twin engine fighter, even an engine, is not completely lost power. This requires the pilot in the face of danger, to dispose of very cool and correct, can change danger into safety. The aircraft has not been equipped with the Russian Navy before, so it is likely that the pilot in the face of danger when the panic occurred, directly on the parachute escape. But in any case, the crash was then surrounded by the United States and other NATO countries, the Russian naval air combat level now has a new understanding. The crash does not affect the Russian aircraft carrier in the Syrian military action, Kuznetsov was ordered to the Mediterranean, against the Syria terrorists. Observers Liang Yongchun pointed out that although the crash to allow the Russian naval aviation suffered setbacks, but it will not affect Russia’s established military strikes in Syria plan. Because the Russian air and space force in Syria already deployed air force enough, even if the use of naval aviation, USS Kuznetsov itself equipped aircraft is Su -33, enough to complete the task. At the same time, the Russian aircraft carrier equipped with a su -33 and MIG -29 two carrier fighter, because its security system is completely different from the different models, operational perspective is not necessary. Why does it do this? Obviously, on the one hand is to carry out the actual test, on the other hand is to the two aircraft reliability and adaptability of the battlefield for a site assessment. But the crash on the development of Russian naval aviation will indeed have a certain impact. The MIG -29 really become a Russian aircraft carrier aircraft Russian variables increases Navy Air Force Commander Igor · the branch has previously said that as an option for the only Russian aircraft carrier aircraft, the MIG -29 is still in the testing stage. Observers Liang Yongchun believes that the crash increases in Russian aircraft carrier MIG -29 column mounted service difficulty. In 90s of last century, Kuznetsov has just begun to choose the aircraft, in fact it has two choices, one is Su -33, one is that the MIG -29K. At that time russia.相关的主题文章: