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Open the door of glory! The Internet is a mirror of the internationalization of the mobile phone – Sohu science and technology Sohu, the text of the United States and the United States and the United States and the market to push new products, millet and other domestic machine is also a dream to enter the U.S. market. Recently, the glory of 8 high-profile release in the United States, the price is higher than the domestic market of 400 yuan. Earlier this year, the glory has been in the United States at a price of $199.99 per thousand machines launched in the end 5X glory play. Glory International pace can be said to be the bigger step, which for HUAWEI mobile phone to enter the U.S. market as a power forward light cavalry". Previously, HUAWEI consumers BG Yu Chengdong in an interview with science and technology Sohu, HUAWEI up in the European market, the United States and Japan is a goal of HUAWEI is to sell smart mobile phone through the U.S. Telecom operators. At present, the domestic mobile phone ZTE, Coolpad, TCL has entered the U.S. market, most choose to cooperate with telecom operators, and the glory of the Internet as a mobile phone brand, through electricity supplier channels, first open the door. The same as the Internet brand mobile phone, millet want to enter the U.S. market, also intends to follow the electricity supplier sales means, but has not yet entered. Glory is how to open the U. S. market? The glory, to enter the American market, is not a short duration of time, but after a very long time for. Back in December 2015, President Zhao Ming said in an interview with reporters, glory to enter the U.S. market, electricity providers and social channels may go. Because the U.S. operator subsidies are also reduced, in the face of competition from OTT vendors, operators policy is constantly changing. But the glory is ready to go to the "saline ""; the heart of the United States, the future of the United States may be located in the headquarters of the Silicon Valley. Second, HUAWEI glory and clear division of labor, divide and conquer. The glory will increase overseas investment targets in some developed countries, the electricity supplier is not suitable, the traditional channels, HUAWEI mobile phone prices are more appropriate, and in the electronic business and social channels relatively developed areas, to create a more suitable brand glory. Yu Chengdong said, while in the United States, not only the glory of the brand, HUAWEI brand will be done in the United States, the dual brand strategy is to take into account the electricity supplier strategy and channel flattening. Third, adhere to the quality of speaking, the United States than China’s high price. In January this year, 5X won 2016 CES glory play seven media awards, sales and visit the United States Amazon, Newegg, open the gate of American market, but also in European countries played very successful ascent of the Amazon platform sales list. Made in China Overseas vicious low drag, and the most likely to be misunderstood. 5X, glory glory play 8 in the United States is higher than the domestic price of several hundred dollars. This and Starbucks coffee contrast in China price is higher than the U.S. price, greatly enhance the China manufacturing clout. The famous American IT magazine PC Magazine evaluation for the glory of the 8 back lithography process so that it can be rendered at different angles of the rainbow color, which is the most recent we have seen the most amazing design". For the glory of the market in the United States, Zhao Ming said, the glory has been in the United States market through the 5X glory smooth play.相关的主题文章: