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The Mid Autumn Festival holiday in Hubei on the first day of the 26 scenic spots open in 260 thousand revenue of 25 million 780 thousand and 9 on Sept. 15, 2016, the first day of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday coincided with the Mid Autumn Festival. On the day of the Hubei Provincial Tourism Commission statistics show that in 26 major scenic spots in the province’s tourism monitoring system of 265 thousand and 400 tourists trips, tourism revenue 25 million 780 thousand yuan, family travel, driving into the Mid Autumn Festival holiday tourism theme. Statistics show that Huangpi Mulan Tianchi scenic tourists 40 thousand passengers, 37 thousand tourists Shennongjia, Wudang Mountains 18 thousand tourists, Happy Valley in Wuhan, Yellow Crane Tower and Chibi ancient battlefield scenic tourist accommodation also over a million. Because the hot spots for full, the majority of tourists have chosen warm, relatively loose, emerging area of leisure, entertainment and leisure, with new outdoor activities, science education, and participate in the festival activities as the main content of the tourism projects by the majority of tourists. Wuhan, Huangshi, Jingzhou, Xiaogan, Ezhou, Xiantao, Qianjiang and Tianmen City surrounding major rural tourism has become the first choice of leisure tourism resorts and surrounding residents. In addition to vehicles throughout the province, the number of vehicles from Hunan, Chongqing, Sichuan, Henan and other neighboring provinces and cities increased. Yichang scenic spots from the car reception accounted for about 40% of the total amount of tourists, Enshi Grand Canyon Scenic Spot self driving tourists accounted for 70%. Shiyan Wudang Mountains Tour team is a long queue early, more than ten in the morning to reach the peak. In addition, for the Mid Autumn Festival holiday tourism demand across the province organized a rich and colorful Mid Autumn Festival theme tourism activities: char Lake Hot Springs to carry out a series of activities to the theme of this province osmanthus; Shimen River scenic area held a "touch autumn conference"; Xiangfan Gurung held a "dream candy Festival" held the first Danjiankou; International Magic festival. Wuhan City, the major scenic spots also launched a diverse Festival promotions: cruise in East Lake East Lake Scenic Area Comprehensive resume service, launched the "moon line" activities; the Happy Valley in Wuhan organized a "spoiled" Moonlight tent blind date; Wuhan Garden Expo held a "Park Bo anniversary" theme activities; Xinzhou Ziwei garden city development the night time activities.

中秋小长假首日湖北26个景区迎客26万 收入2578万9月15日,2016年中秋小长假第一天,正逢中秋佳节。湖北省旅游委当天统计显示,纳入全省旅游监测系统的26个重点旅游景区接待游客26.54万人次,实现旅游收入2578万元,家庭出游、自驾游成中秋度假旅游主旋律。统计显示,黄陂木兰天池景区接待游客4万人次,神农架接待游客3.7万人次,武当山接待游客1.8万人次,武汉欢乐谷、黄鹤楼和赤壁古战场等景区的游客接待量也都过万。由于热点景区持续爆满,广大游客纷纷选择温热、新兴、相对宽松的景区休闲度假,以娱乐休闲、户外活动、科普教育、节庆和参与性活动为主要内容的新型旅游项目受到了广大旅游者青睐。武汉、黄石、荆州、孝感、鄂州、仙桃、潜江、天门等城市周边各大乡村旅游点成为周边居民的首选休闲旅游和度假之地。自驾游车辆除省内各地车辆外,来自湖南、重庆、四川、河南等周边省市车辆增多。宜昌各景区自驾车接待量占到了游客总接待量的40%左右,恩施大峡谷景区自驾游游客占到了70%。往十堰武当山旅游区的车队更是早早排起了长龙,上午十点多达到高峰。此外,针对中秋假日旅游需求,全省各地组织开展了丰富多彩的中秋主题旅游活动:嘉鱼山湖温泉开展了以桂花为主题的系列活动;恩施建始石门河景区举办了“摸秋大会”;襄阳古隆中举办了“梦幻糖果节”;丹江口举办了首届国际梦幻节。武汉市各大景区也推出了个性多样的节庆优惠活动:东湖风景区东湖游船全面复航,开展了“赏月专线”活动;武汉欢乐谷组织了月光“撒娇”帐篷相亲会;武汉园博园举办了“园博周年庆”主题活动月;新洲紫薇都市田园开展了夜游活动。相关的主题文章: