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Unusual – prone to neonatal stool Sohu healthy newborn meconium in general 3-4 days after birth has been drained, turn yellow stool normal. If the child is breastfeeding, the stool is golden yellow, thin paste; if the child is completely with milk or milk, the stool was yellow, is often dry up; between mixed feeding is between the above two stool. Neonatal stool frequency is not fixed, usually 2-5 times, breastfeeding neonatal stool frequency to some more, some newborn diapers diapers each have stool, if the stool is uniform, without much water, not containing mucus or occasionally with a little milk block, this is a normal phenomenon. Artificial feeding of the newborn if the stool was gray, hard, smelly, more than a lot of things that eat too much sugar and sugar, should change the variety of milk powder. Breastfeeding babies, such as stool was dark green mucus that lack of breast milk, children half starved and to increase the amount of milk, such as milk really enough formula should be added. Neonatal stool when the following abnormal situations, it is necessary to check or feeding your doctor: 1, Egg & vegetable soup stools: daily stool 5-10 times, milk block can contain more undigested, generally no mucus, said indigestion, eating milk or milk powder is more common in children. As for breastfeeding should continue to breastfeed, generally do not have to change the way of feeding, do not have to reduce the milk yield and number, can naturally return to normal; as for mixed or artificial feeding, feeding should be continued, but may be appropriate to adjust the diet structure. If 2-3 days stool is not normal, you should ask a doctor. 2, green stools: occurs in cold weather or eat hard to digest food, daily stool frequency was 5-10. 3, water samples: more common in autumn and winter, caused by enterovirus infection. More than 10 times a day, the number of children stool, water, more. Because the child lost more water, often dehydration such as dry lips, sunken eye, tears less or no tears, no or less urine, poor skin elasticity, children also can appear in low spirits, spits, not feeding performance, early treatment, and should pay attention to disinfection appliances such as Baby Pacifier etc.. 4, mucus or pus and blood stool: in the summer, when the weather is hot, mostly caused by bacterial infection, it should be early treatment. 5, dark brown foam is: in artificial feeding, because the starch or sugar in foods (such as milk powder caused by too much too much sugar, add too rice and other cereals and other food), by adjusting the structure of diet can be recovered. 6, oily stool stool: pale yellow, liquid volume, shine like oil in the diaper or bowl like oil beads like this can slide, said too much fat in food, in artificial feeding, need to adjust the diet structure. 7, constipation: more common in artificial feeding children, mostly for hot days, sweating and drinking too much and too little. Children defecate difficulty, defecate is dry, can appear granular, often a few days defecate相关的主题文章: