Must-read For Web Master To Boost Alexa Rank

Traffic-Building For web masters who want to have a good rank in Alexa ranking system, I make a summary of the following points that I hope can be of help. 1. Be sure to use IE browser. Because the Alexa toolbar is not compatible with any other browser, other browsers will be considered cheating and Alexa system can not be logged on then. 2. Be sure that you have the Alexa toolbar installed before you start your Alexa rank improvement plan, and make sure it is set to work state. Some versions of IE require you to choose third-party plug-in support in the advanced options in IE so as to get the Alexa toolbar shown. If there is something wrong after it is started, you need to remove it and install again. Set IE back to default settings and then enable third-party plug-in support. If it still does not work correctly, check that whether there is already other related software existed in your system, and if yes, it must also be removed, and then re-install the Alexa toolbar. Terms of Alexa: Alexa Rank It is the final rank decided by Alexa system for your web site after comprehensive analysis of the statistics. Among the data, Traffic Rank accounts for the main value, and other parameters also have affection, but relatively small. So it is generally close to or equal to the three-month average traffic rank. Next Rank This is an expected value. In fact, it is the next updated comprehensive rank. It is decided by the same factors that affect Alexa Rank, so in general it is also close to or equal to the three-month average traffic rank. Visit Speed This term refers to the visit speed of the Alexa spider when it crawls the pages of your web site. Since their servers are located abroad, the visit speed may not be equal to the normal visit speed of domestic users. Just like that if we visit the official Alexa web site directly at home, we feel it is opened so slowly. But the data does not have any relationship with the size and ranking of the site. To be continued To increase Alexa rank , come to Improvealexaranking for professional help. Of course all services should be stable, safe and effect-guaranteed. With the help of the professional and experienced technical team, the Alexa rank of your web site will quickly be increased as you expect. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: