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Music This post is exclusively intended for music teachers who are motivated and inspired to improve their teaching strategy, performance and instruction. This aims to allow many music teachers around the globe to have easy access on the latest music teacher resources, lessons, inputs and ideas on teaching this powerful craft music. Teaching music can be an easy and fun task for some music educators; however, it can be tough and frustrating to many others. It is true that not all students have the passion or the heart for music; not all are interested in learning it as well as in acquiring such skill and knowledge. Now, helping them be.e more motivated and interested has been quite a challenging job. Many music teachers use audio-visuals, integrate technology and practice collaborative learning to keep them focused and more involved in classroom activities and discussions. Although there have been many strategies and resources available elsewhere especially online, it seems that what the students really need, want and deserve has been yet disclosed. That is why music teachers, education specialists and academicians from different nations are making researches on how to enhance teaching different genres and crafts. Student motivation naturally has to do with students’ desire to participate in the learning process. But it also concerns the reasons or goals that underlie their involvement or noninvolvement in academic activities. Although students may be equally motivated to perform a task, the sources of their motivation may differ. That is why educators should .e up with concrete and specific means to get this. Just like in any subjects, learning requires effective teaching incorporated with creative and innovative music teacher resources, strategies and styles. However, do you know that the best way to hit your students interest, enthusiasm and motivation is to make them feel that they are really special? More than just effective music teacher resources, you need to acquire the heart for teaching and touching their lives. When you tend to touch their lives, make a difference and leave a remarkable impact, you will be amazed on how I can also change their perceptions towards learning, listening, participating and attending classes regularly. Based from my own experiences in my years of teaching music, here are some ways that can surely touch a students heart and may even change his life forever. Establishing emotional connection and camaraderie in the classroom Appreciating excellent works, performances and the likes Encouraging parent support Affirming their strengths and developing their weaknesses Linking learning to students interests Promoting collaboration between school and home Celebrating little successes everyday James .er, a good psychiatrist, renowned author and education specialist, has once said that no significant learning occurs without a significant relationship. It does sound right, isnt it? Well, as music teachers struggle and make efforts to motivate students particularly the unmotivated ones, each one of us must learn how to give rewards, incentives, praises and other means of warm appreciation. After all, changing the way how they look at themselves is as essential as great and effective music teacher resources. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: