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UnCategorized Identity theft is on the increase. It is one of the more serious threats to internet users today. Keeping your internet security software updated, and following these .mon sense identity theft solutions will help you reduce the threat and keep you safe online. 1.Beware of any email attachments that you receive. If you don’t know the sender, don’t open the email. If it is from a friend or colleague, contact them to be sure they intended to send it to you. Before opening any attachment or program on your .puter, be sure to run a .plete virus scan first. 2.If you are downloading programs, music or videos online, be sure the website is genuine and safe. Spy ware could be lurking in the download, waiting for you to open it, so it can send your personal information into cyberspace. 3.Don’t enter contests, giveaways, or websites that ask for your personal information or credit card information for access. A simple search on the internet will tell you if the contest or offer is legitimate. Usually they aren’t. 4.Don’t reply to emails that ask for your social security number or your credit card information. Most reputable .panies will not request this type of information by email. If you are in doubt, contact the .pany by phone to verify that they want this information. 5.Change the passwords on your .puter programs at least every three months, and try to use a .bination of letters and numbers that is at least eight characters long. Don’t use birthdays, addresses, or your dog’s name. 6.Be careful on social networking sites. It is .mon for scammers to befriend people online to obtain their personal information for fraudulent use. 7.Get the best antivirus protection, and spy ware removal programs. Use the Microsoft automatic updates to keep your operating system safe. Be sure to scan your .puter before doing any financial transactions to get rid of any spy ware that could be lurking there. Knowing how your identity can be stolen is part of the solution. Using .mon sense and taking action to protect yourself and your family from identity theft makes the identity thieves’ job much harder. Share these solutions with your family and friends to help put a stop to this increasingly .mon crime. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: