Minnesota mall knife attack caused many people were injured in the death of the suspect – Sohu news stellarium

Minnesota mall knife attacks caused many injured suspect dead – Sohu news in new network on 18 September, according to foreign media reported on 18, a mall in Minnesota occurred knife attacks, has led to many injuries, one of the suspects were killed. Earlier reports said the mall attack led to one death and many people were injured, a suspect was arrested. Later media reports said the suspect had died. Local 17, 2009, the United States and the New Jersey marathon in Manhattan District, the explosion occurred, causing dozens of people were injured in the. New York police have launched an investigation on the incident and asked the public to remain vigilant. Shortly afterwards, police in New York announced the discovery of an explosive device in New York. Local time on September 17th, New York, Manhattan explosion. New York city police also released photos of New Jersey and Manhattan on the social networking site. Photos show that two explosions were put on the scene of the explosive device has been completely destroyed. New York police urged the public to remain vigilant, pay attention to observe the surrounding situation. In case of suspicious circumstances should immediately report to the police.相关的主题文章: