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The Ministry of housing issued a document to promote the informatization of construction industry development focus of the five Technology Ministry of housing issued a document to promote the informatization of construction industry development focus of the five technology Chinese securities network September 19th learned from the Ministry of housing, the Ministry of housing issued "2016-2020 information of construction industry development program", to enhance the development ability of construction industry informatization, optimize the construction of informatization development environment, accelerate and promote the integration of information technology and the development of the construction industry in depth. The outline of the "13th Five-Year" period, improve the construction industry informatization level, enhance the application ability of BIM, big data, intelligent, mobile, cloud computing, networking and other information technology integration, construction of digitalization and intelligentization has made breakthrough progress, completed the preliminary integration of industry regulation and service platform. Data resource utilization and the level of information service ability is enhanced, the formation of a number of construction enterprises with strong information technology innovation ability and application of information technology has reached the international advanced level and independent intellectual property rights is the key of the construction industry information technology enterprises. Outlines the four main tasks, including enterprise information, industry regulation and service information, special information technology applications, information technology standards. In enterprise informationization, the outline of the construction enterprises should actively explore the "Internet plus" situation, the new production management mode, innovative applications, in-depth study of BIM networking technology, business model innovation, enhance core competitiveness, to achieve leapfrog development. In the application of special information technology, the outline of big data, cloud computing, networking, 3D printing, intelligent and other five technologies. The networking technology, combined with the development of the construction industry needs to strengthen, low cost and low power consumption, research and development of intelligent sensor and related equipment, to realize the integrated application of networking core chip, instrumentation, software etc. in the construction industry. To carry out the research on the application of the Internet of things and the engineering project management information system of the sensor, the high speed mobile communication, the wireless radio frequency, the near field communication and the two-dimensional code recognition and so on. 3D printing technology, actively carry out the construction of 3D printing equipment and materials research. Combined with the application of BIM technology, the paper explores the application of 3D printing technology in the production of building products and components. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: