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When planning your beautiful wedding, don’t forget to remember your guests’ comfort! What is it that is so fabulous about attending a party in someone’s home? It’s always so comfortable with a familiar, friendly and warm environment, plus the plush furniture and relaxed atmosphere go a LONG way. So, why not give your guests this no matter where you’re planning your wedding day? One of the easiest ways to fashion a fabulous wedding is to bring the outside in AND the inside out. Bringing beautiful elements from nature into your wedding ceremony and reception, like flowers, potted plants, herbs and trees create beautiful, memorable dcor PLUS your atmosphere feels much more natural. Another really fun thing to do is to take your indoor furniture OUTSIDE! You can do this with furniture rugs, and more that you already own, or you can have event furniture custom-made or rent it from someone who has already created it. This brings the "living room" and all the comforts of that room into your reception….outdoors or even into an otherwise "stuffy" venue. These are very simple and fabulous ways to bring that comfort level up in a BIG way!! Your guests will definitely ooh and aah over the relaxed ambiance you’re creating for them … and they’ll remember it for years to come! Your Fab Bride Assignment: Think about what makes you feel most comfortable at someone’s home or even at the most relaxed events you’ve attended. Whether it’s the dcor or the furniture, or something altogether different, think about ways that you can bring this into your own wedding day! 2008 Soire! Ltd./Natalie Bradley Events Want to use this article in your E-zine or website? No problem! But here’s what you MUST include: Wedding and Event Planner Natalie Bradley publishes the "Fabulous Planning" weekly e-zine. If you’re ready to take your wedding from Mediocre to Fabulous, get your F*REE report and tips now at About the Author: For years, Natalie Bradley has planned and designed hundreds of weddings and other social events. After rapidly creating a 6-figure wedding planning company and having a full wedding planning practice, Natalie developed a proven, step-by-step system to teach others the keys to being a truly successful wedding professional. As the CEO and Bride Attraction Expert for Soire!, Ltd., Natalie helps wedding professional entrepreneurs create not only a profitable business, but one that creates wealth, abundance and joy in their lives. Natalie believes that success and freedom must go hand-in-hand! Natalie Bradley has been featured throughout the media, including Inside Weddings, Modern Bride Atlanta, The Knot Georgia, Lake Oconee Living, Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Entrepreneurialism 相关的主题文章: