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LG’s new flagship V20 officially unveiled four major selling points can conquer the market? LG’s new flagship V20 Phoenix Technology News Beijing on September 7th news, according to foreign media reports, has always been to "play" big heart LG this has successfully attracted everyone’s attention, it will be the second half of the flagship V20 conference in the day before Apple conference. However, this time they did not like the first half to create an experimental full G5, on the contrary, the LG a lot of security, V20 rely on high-end hardware and functionality to conquer the user. Figure 1 last year, LG is still using cheap plastic shell, but this year from G5, they also officially turned to the popular all metal shell, LG said the new material than plastic strength increased by 24%. However, the LG still retains the advantages of the last generation of V10 on the rugged and replaceable batteries. At the same time, LG also on the new machine has been downsizing, its three-dimensional and weight are reduced accordingly. This time, V20 launched a total of gray, silver, pink color. The battery can be replaced, V20 also became the world’s first mobile phone metal removable rear cover. Although the back cover can be removed, but this time, LG did not add modular elements to it, perhaps G5 modular banner to the next year to resist G6. Screen figure 2 is well known, the biggest selling point of the previous generation V flagship V10 is a dual screen, the LG once again continues this tradition. V20 main screen is 5.7 inches, the resolution is still the mainstream 2K level, pixel density of up to 513. And on the main screen, LG added a "160" x screen with a resolution of 1040. In order to achieve a better display effect, LG also specifically to enhance the brightness, and the text inside the screen is also greater than in the past. The new Expandable Notifications function, but also allows you to zoom in to see the full content of the notice, in addition to it also supports a quick reply and will provide a variety of sharing options, so a lot of practical improvement. Figure 3LG hardware configuration of V20 hardware can be used to describe the absolute luxury, the machine is equipped with Xiaolong 820 processor, equipped with 4GB LPDDR4 RAM and 64GB UFS 2 storage. In addition, V20 also supports maximum 2TB expansion of the microSD card, the battery capacity has reached 3200 ma. This time, V20 in the mobile phone sound on the great effort, the machine built-in 32-bit Hi-Fi DAC chip, support FLAC, DSD, AIFF, ALAC and other lossless music format. In partners, LG is still looking for the B& O, the maker of acoustic; the sound tuning capability absolute reassuring. In terms of network connectivity, V20 maximum support X12 LTE network, Wi-Fi (a g n AC), Bluetooth 4.2, USB-C and NFC, while the machine also supports Qualcomm fast charging standard of 3. Software 4LG V20 is the first half of this year, the new machine is equipped with the Android 7 models, it is even more than the legendary Google Pixel and Pixel son of his son even earlier. Figure 5 in addition to the camera相关的主题文章: