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LETV evaporation 8 billion 800 million yuan a week on rhythm of the rapid development of Jia Yueting science and technology Sohu – Sohu technology development in the Ding Ding LETV Jia Yueting publicly reflect the company before the fast pace, LETV stock market within a week has evaporated 8 billion 800 million yuan. K from the nearly 4 months, LETV shares also showed a downward trend overall. Last week, the media had claimed that there is a banner in front of the company, as the music company, said that due to the music as a result of the payment of arrears, resulting in thousands of factories shut down, staff trouble, requiring music as soon as possible to settle arrears. However, despite Jia Yueting published an open letter, but investors still do not buy music as the account. November 7th, LETV shares opened 37.70, down by 5.06%. Jia Yueting said in an open letter of more than 5 thousand words, while the strategy and performance is rapid, while the increasingly prominent financial and organizational pressures. The company’s development rhythm too fast management should take responsibility. He believes that the non-listed company LeEco in the rhythm and organizational capacity problems. In the case of limited funds and resources, all of a sudden the pull of the global front too long, but the organization has not kept up with the ability, resulting in non-listed company’s business stamina significantly weak". Jia Yueting publicly acknowledged, "… We… Blind rush, burn the pursuit of expansion at the same time, the global front suddenly pull too long. Correspondingly, our capital and resources are very limited. A car as a huge upfront investment, has spent about 10000000000 of its own funds, directly lead to lack of my personal LeEco financial support; on the other hand our financing capacity is not strong, single, unreasonable capital structure, external financing scale is difficult to meet the rapidly put a large demand for funds." As a result, LETV cannot concentrate on one point, although you win a game and a battle, opened up a piece of land, but the food supply is not timely, stamina has obvious weakness. According to Sohu science and technology, the industry had already heard the news as the company’s capital chain tension. Music as soon as the United States Conference opened soon, there is news that music as a result of investment in the United States due to funding problems of the auto factory shutdown. At the same time, but also because of funding problems, resulting in music and cooperation with the national security rupture. In an open letter, Jia Yueting specifically mentioned, began to make it sound is the music Pro 3 mobile phone supply problems. It also indicates that the music as a mobile phone supply chain has been a serious problem. Jia Yueting said LETV mobile phone launched more than a year to do other manufacturers with a few years to reach the sales force, front running, music as a background service cannot provide sufficient support. In recent months, the supply chain pressure surge, coupled with consistent with financial problems in the development of LeEco, led to tight supply, the continued development of the mobile phone business impact. Jia Yueting stressed that as the music changes, while its core values unchanged, the spirit of subversion will not change, ecological strategy will not change. In the music as the first stage of ecology, as the music plays in a war against the uneven force. At present, the ecological strategy LETV into the second stage, to bid farewell to money expansion, focusing on the existing ecological. .相关的主题文章: