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Lenovo to push the paper screen new YOGA notebook artifact to upgrade the entire department – Sohu technology intellectual stuff (public No.: zhidxcom) the | Mo Chi shadow things on September 21st news, this evening, Lenovo in Beijing launched its new flagship notebook brand Yoga series products, including the introduction of YOGA 5 Pro, YOGA BOOK, Lenovo MIIX5 including a variety of new notebook products. Several products in the technical indicators and the use of the way to bring a lot of new design and black technology. The first built-in fingerprint payment Notebook: General Manager YOGA Pro launched 5 Lenovo Group Vice President of consumer business district Chinese Zhao Hong announced the first product YOGA 5 Pro, this product has the goods before a German IFA conference held the best computer award. Tong Fuyao, senior vice president of Lenovo Group, President of China introduced a breakthrough in many details of the design. The Lenovo YOGA 5 Pro is the world’s first 4K narrow frame screen notebook, the border is only 4.95mm, equipped with 4K resolution display, accounting for 81.5% of the screen, the use of integrated aluminum body, 3D surface CNC bucket, chain type rotary antenna. According to the dismantling of the display, YOGA 5 Pro chain with the color of the shaft design parts up to 813, can carry a 25 thousand swing test. Performance, the processor uses a new generation of Intel core I Kabylake processor, the first butterfly fan technology, compared to the previous generation, heat dissipation performance 10%. 3D butterfly wing shape of the fan blade is only 0.1mm thin, and can be extended according to the power changes, improve the air volume. Another black technology is Lenovo YOGA 5 Pro fingerprint recognition, becoming the world’s first support for fingerprint recognition of the payment of notebook computers. At the same time you can choose different surface patterns by Lenovo maker. It is reported, YOGA 5 Pro will on sale next month, when the price announced. The first paper screen one notebook: YOGA BOOK another creative product is a liquid crystal screen and electronic paper screen together notebook products YOGA BOOK, vice president of Lenovo Group, YOGA BOOK product management and development director Zhang Hua a detailed interpretation of this product. The whole thickness of only YOGABOOK 9.6mm, a magazine thinner than unilateral, thickness of 4.05mm, the equivalent of a USB data cable diameter; the machine weighs only 690 grams, equivalent to the weight of a bottle of mineral water. YOGA BOOK continuation of the characteristics of multi mode experience, a total of three modes: Entertainment reading tablet mode, easy to work notebook mode and calligraphy and painting writing mode. YOGA BOOK is the most notable feature is its unique Emmanuel keyboard surface using Corelle glass, anti scratch fight. Emmanuel keyboard can be a key to switch into the tablet, the user can use the standard 2048 pressure sensitive.相关的主题文章: