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Stocks-Mutual-Funds There is generally an air of anxiousness when you speak about mutual funds. This is because not all mutual funds perform as well as they should. The question of how lucrative investment in mutual funds really is arises when the funds dont perform well. So should the investment be ruled out .pletely? No, not really. There are some funds that are likely to prove profitable despite the slump in the overall market. Prime example of this being index funds. There are certain advantages to investing in index funds over the standard fare that you get when you choose to invest in mutual funds. The advantage springs right from the way the fund is operated. While average funds tend to buy stocks or bonds from individual .panies in the market, index funds tend to buy the entire sector of the market. This simply translates to less hassle about picking and choosing the right investments. When you dont need to choose, you dont need professional advice or people to analyze the market and tell you which stock might be the better buy. This means youre saving money that you would otherwise spend on people trying to decode the market and make shaky predictions about what could potentially be profitable to the investor. This is money that you get into your own hands as an investor. And the other good thing about index funds is that they tend to perform consistently, and better than most of the average mutual funds. What you end up with is a consistent amount that you receive as returns. There is also a benefit in the fact that it receives a good deal of tax benefits. You dont end up selling and buying stocks nearly as much as you would in the usual funds, where you buy and sell individual stocks. When you dont buy and sell nearly as much, you end up saving on the taxes that is levied on your transactions. You also dont have to end up spending time yourself doing tons of research and speculation over which stock or bond might be better. Youre saving yourself both time and money. This is perfect for those who have neither time nor the patience that mutual funds generally call for. All in all, for the first time investor, this is the safer route to take until he or she learns the ropes, so to speak. So, if you want a safe bet an index fund might be exactly what youre looking for. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: