Lanzhou Zhongchuan International Airport runway pavement damaged airport temporarily closed splitit

Lanzhou Zhongchuan International Airport runway pavement damaged airport temporarily closed the airport airport airport site map site map site map today at around five pm, Lanzhou Zhongchuan International Airport staff found during the inspection of damaged runway surface, immediately notify the airport to take off measures. At present, the Lanzhou Zhongchuan International Airport was closed, all flights in the airport waiting for news, some flights have alternate Xi’an, Yinchuan airport. At the same time, five p.m. today, a restaurant near the Lanzhou Zhongchuan International Airport T2 terminal 116 bridges fire after the incident, the airport staff quickly evacuated the passengers, and the organization of personnel fighting. Currently, the site has been disposed of, causing no casualties. (CCTV reporter An Wenjian Ma Lingfeng) Lanzhou airport was built in 60s, July 1970 is navigable, the capital of Gansu Province, Lanzhou City air portal, as an important international airport, Alternate airport in Northwest area. In 1995, the State Council approved the expansion of the first phase of the project, the completion of the flight area in August 2001, the completion of the terminal area expansion in October 1998. Now the Lanzhou airport flight zone grade 4D, runway 3600 meters long, 60 meters wide (including 7.5 meters on both sides of the shoulder), with dual I precision approach ILS and I approach lighting system, can ensure the safety of aircraft taking off and landing of large and medium-sized. In December 2010, the two phase of the expansion project of the Lanzhou airport construction, February 2015, T2 terminal building of 61 thousand square meters completed and put into operation, the completion of 4 taxiway construction; airfield runway extension plan completed in 2016. In 2014, according to the "State Council on Lanzhou Airlines agreed to expand the port open to foreign aircraft approved", submitted by the civil aviation authority, approved by the provincial government, "Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport" renamed Lanzhou Zhongchuan International Airport, became the international airport.相关的主题文章: