Kuang’s Gold gold and silver decline intensified gold bulls and other non-agricultural salvation jessica rabbit

Kuang’s Gold: gold and silver decline intensified the gold bull redemption fund and other non-agricultural Sina exposure: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Cold and warm, sad or happy, you have experienced all of the diffuse thoughts in the shallow waves. With great joy and bravely, even if it is a person’s travel, certainly will not be lonely. Trading is like chess, must reach a certain level in order to achieve the goal, a first person to gamble with a quick profit, which in itself is not reasonable, and this is the root cause of all investors fail fast, when a trader Jingxiaxinlai on how to do the transaction, volatility than to see every day the profit and loss account of yourself is more meaningful, the highly anticipated farm feast comes, if you don’t do all aspects of the layout, will miss the opportunity. ADP non farm small to our early warning whether we have the impression, Dumbledore, have proof, will be the largest non hidden dangers, so need to do a comprehensive anti Rebound between non-agricultural preparation. The recent economic data strong overall performance, and several Fed officials once again issued a hawkish speech, lead the fed to raise interest rates this year is expected to rise sharply, gold and silver again attack. Gold 1250 mark in jeopardy, broken bits in a moment, but today we find non-agricultural will continue to guide the direction of. A white gold plate trend in early trading: Gold: Gold by the United States that early recent rebound double effect and technical bad, gold prices hit a new low, and all the hunters are already on the market, made a great sacrifice. Our idea is simple, white plate waiting for a rebound, evening venting, radical operation. Robust only rebound empty layout, so the overall gold above, we are high altitude. From the earliest above 1340, and the daily will be empty, as long as the evening disc has every firm high venting point, bearish determination never wavered. Yesterday 1266 to 1250 look empty, a precise stop at that, today the white plate of gold to continue to rebound, in the evening to see off farm non-agricultural harvest. Don’t want to be too complicated to make more profit. Silver: silver in 19.5 along the midline empty, and empty single target potential 19.3 short-term look at 17.5 has been completed, and the next thing to do is wait may be bottoming out, the 17 must be a minimum of 17.1 of the air raid support line, short time low, step by step down sideways trend bearish, short term support repair and rebound, steady, wait and see, night battle farm. The crude oil in early trading after 7 with Yang, likely to continue to be optimistic again today to close Yang still 50 points already to oil prices, the opportunity is still upside Powei trend, the weekly monthly line pressure one pillar to prop up the sky, the 52 line, so there is still room for upward, of course, today ushered in a non agricultural university recruit, for Oil 100, amplitude space must be more than 50 yesterday we continue to see a target, the 51 line, more operation below the tip position. Golden section: 1240- theory相关的主题文章: