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Home-and-Family With today’s lifestyles, if you aren’t busy, then you are definitely out of the ordinary. As the holidays draw closer, busyness kicks into an even higher gear. That is why even the simplest tool for staying organized and on top of things is a breathe of fresh air in the middle of the stifling busyness. Here are a few tips to try this Christmas that you may find helpful for keeping the kids stuff totally controlled and completely organized. The Boy Scout’s motto is "be prepared," but it is more appropriate for the motto of moms. Preparation—from meals, to clothes, to school supplies – is the key to survival. Christmas survival – getting through the holiday season and shopping rush—is even more important. Baby Ways All too often, the modus operandi for going somewhere with the baby and/or the kids is to grab their things in a frenzied rush, throw them in the back of the van, and rush off to the appointment, store, or school. Unfortunately, besides wrecking your nerves in the process, you risk forgetting something important. Diapers? Jackets? Books? There’s simply too much to keep in mind. When it comes to the baby, the answer can be simple. Rather than rush around last minute trying to find your baby paraphernalia, keep the essentials in a kids bag in the vehicle. Try it. Put a well-stocked diaper bag complete with wipes, diapers, juice, and a snack in the car or minivan. That way, taking a quick run to the store doesn’t need to turn into a nightmare of forgotten essentials or neglected necessaries. Just grab your kids and go. You’re items are already with you. Kid Methods As kids get older, things get a bit more complicated. With the constant mobility of toddlers through junior-highers, you need to be prepared for more. One of the best ways to do so is with personalized kids bags and backpacks. Putting the name directly on the bag keeps things in order. When you are packing lunches or getting the kids ready for the day, it becomes simpler when you know exactly where to put what, and whom it belongs to. It makes it easy for the kids, too. With an organized system of kids bags and backpacks, it is merely a matter of scooping up their own bag, and heading out the door. Try these enhancements: -The right bag for the right occasion. Sometimes, kids need more than just a book bag or backpack. Try getting individualized sports bags, duffel bags, tote bags, or lunch bags. Using the same organization method for all the carrying needs will also simplify other areas of life. -Color code it. Assigning each kids bag with a specific color adds an element of ease to the program. In this way, one child has one color bag for school, one for shopping, and one for soccer practice. The kids will enjoy it, and you will appreciate the added organization. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: