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Arts-and-Entertainment Very few things elicit a response quite like what you’ll see when someone is handed a pair of U2 tickets. The band is by many accounts the biggest act in the world, and they’ve been attracting millions to their live shows and to the music stores for more than 25 years. How did this group of Irishmen be.e world leaders in music and cultural and political figures whose influences make a tangible difference? A look at their development may help identify what happened. Beginnings In 1976, a young man named Larry Mullen posted a notice in his school bulletin inviting musicians to .e to his house with the hope of forming a band. The band was ultimately cut to four members from the seven who originally attended the meeting, and these four young men remain together to this day. There were several names for the band, as it was originally called The Larry Mullen Band, then changed to Feedback and then to The Hype. The Hype began to rehearse, and threw themselves into their music for 18 months before starting to play live. Their first gig was in a talent show on St. Patrick’s Day, 1978 in Limerick. The Hype won the talent contest, and as it so happened, a CBS Records executive was in attendance at the show and offered the band some time in the recording studio. The band continued to play, and now had changed their name to U2. They recorded their first single, U2-3, and it shot to the top of the Irish charts. Their second single failed to reach the same level of success, but these efforts got the band noticed. They were ultimately signed by Island Records, and they cut their first album. Rise to Prominence In October of 1980, U2 released Boy, and it was met with both critical and .mercial success. It sold over 3 million copies, and a new big-time band was born. U2 toured extensively behind this release, and for the first time ventured beyond the UK. Their name was soon recognizable in Europe and the United States, and U2 tickets became a hot item, as the band gained quick notice for their inspirational and emotional live shows. Over the next four years, U2 released four albums, three studio releases and one live cut. In total, October, War, The Unforgettable Fire and Under a Blood Red Sky sold 22 million copies, and set the stage for U2’s epic recording. Greatness Cemented After this success, the band created a work that brought them from big-time band to iconic band. The Joshua Tree, released in 1987, was a recording that not only contained many of U2’s previous political .mentaries, but was also the band’s first messages in regards to what they had observed in the United States. Overall, the record sold over 25 million copies, and firmly established U2 as a rock and roll legend. The release remains their signature album to this day, and it remains the first album that many think of when U2 is mentioned. Further Innovation After this release, the band decided to change a bit while their live/studio mixed follow up to The Joshua Tree, Rattle and Hum, was selling millions of copies. The band hit the studio and got to work on their next album, Achtung Baby. It was released in 1991, and although it sold extremely well, it was a stark departure from their previous work, as it was more dance-oriented than any of their previous efforts. U2 continued down this road with their next releases, Zooropa and Pop, but eventually got back to their roots. Overall Impact U2 remains one of the most successful and influential bands of all time, and they’ve gained more accolades than an entire book could fully detail. They’ve won 22 Grammy Awards in all, and have gotten into political causes that are primarily geared towards .bating famine around the world. If you have ever listened to music of any kind, you’ve heard either U2 itself or its influences, and U2 tickets will give you a chance to see an historic band live. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: