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Games iPad apps saved my sanity while holidaying abroad with four children. A flight to San Diego showed me how to cope. On the long flight a woman sat opposite me with a screaming toddler. Earplugs were inserted but much to my surprise the screaming turned into a cute gurgling. I turned to see them watching the Jungle Book on an iPad. Bliss. Steve Jobs became my new favourite person. Fast forward to a five hour car journey in NZ with children aged between 5 and 14. That incident on the plane proved invaluable. Kids books stayed in the boot. The iPad was loaded with cartoons including Shaun the Sheep. Helpful teenagers made suggestions of what else to load for free. The five year old played: Flowfree Simple but addictive. You cover the board with the pipe, connecting the same coloured dots. If you cross over the pipes they break. There are plenty of levels in this addictive problem solving game. Flow free free apps Bad Piggies from the Angry birds suite. Build a crazy flying machine with a crazy freckled pig as the pilot. Silly but great fun. For tweens and teenage boys the following topped the list, but sadly not for free. Touchgrind BMX Two fingers control a BMX, that races over a track doing stunts. Fantastic graphics. Icon Pop Quiz Free. It has over 600 icons of famous people. You reveal the identity of the icons, and the less time you take the more points you score. Icon pop quiz free app But the iPad is not accessible to everyone. On returning to NZ I noticed, as in the UK, book stores are fewer and further between. The case for introducing your kids to a kindle or other reader be.es greater. For a third of the price of the iPad you can put a kindle into your kids hands. The plus points of the Kindle Fire are; You can load Movies, TV shows, songs, games, apps, magazines & books from Amazon It supports Adobe Flash Player, kids sites including Sesame Street, Nick Jr. and Disney are built on this, unlike the iPad Sign up to Prime who lend over 180 000 book titles Set daily time limits for children For parents who want kids to be reading rather than playing an app or watching a movie, the kindle is still the main e-reader player. Its the right purchase if you want to browse a few emails, read a few books, watch some movies and listen to music but it is not the iPad 2. The plus points for the iPad 2 are: A camera and video chat Maps and GPS If you want to do more than consume content, the iPad has numerous apps for this 3G enabled On price the Kindle Fire wins hands down. But if the child wants an iPad there is no real substitute and i-devices that dont match demand may languish untouched. I still want to sit with the children reading and talking about the drawings, but while driving this isnt possible. So to have entertainment between pit stops and to avoid carmageddon, I thank those famous icons of the digital age. If you liked this, please say thanks by sharing it. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: