International School Boards In India-roxane hayward

College-University Education has always been of utmost importance in our country. It deeply influences and strengthens the minds of students in the field of education. Before the introduction of international schools in India, people used to throng foreign universities like Harvard and Cambridge and get international level of education. However, in the past couple of years, India has seen an increasing number of International Schools, especially in metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai. As of today, parents dont have to choose just from (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) ICSE, (Central Board of Secondary Education) CBSE school boards. They now get the added option of choosing from foreign boards like the Cambridge International Examination (CIE) and the International Baccalaureate (IB) so that their children have the option to appear for either the Indian boards or the International ones. Cambridge International Examination (CIE) Cambridge International Examination, also known as Senior Cambridge, is the worlds largest provider of international qualification for teenage students the world over. Thousands of schools in over 150 countries worldwide follow this educational system. The best part is that the CIE is recognized globally, which means that schools and universities outside India will give students exemption from particular papers if the said students are part of a standard international qualification system. In India, it is mostly NRIs and children of foreign ambassadors who are eager to be a part of an international curriculum, both because its a necessity as well as a luxury for them. And when these people arrive in India, they expect the same standard of education that they received in the West. For every country that it has its affiliations with CIE has accommodated its structure accordingly. For example, Cambridge introduced Hindi especially for Indian students. As of today, our country has 200+ schools affiliated with the Cambridge International Centers and Haryana has over 14 such schools. The best part is that Cambridge IGCSE is recognized by universities and employers worldwide. International Baccalaureate System The schools which offer curriculum for International Baccalaureate are called IB World Schools. In all, it has 3 IB programmes – Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme and Diploma Programme, with over 70 schools across the nation offer at least one of the three programmes available to their students. The demarcations for the programmes are as follow: The Primary Years Programme from Kindergarten to Class 5 The Middle Years Programme from Class 6 to Class 10. The Diploma Programme from Class 11 to Class 12. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: