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Infinite live notice: how safe the eleven double hand chop – Sohu technology [Live] with infinite rich and varied forms of real fast to the public dissemination of knowledge and interpretation of popular information. The Sohu is rooted in the traditional news media in the soil, the infinite drew the hottest live features of learning scene changes and timely online live, and thus more depth, more time to read news, science and cutting-edge technology, to share new ideas. [infinite broadcast] (eleven) has now fully evolved into the United States, "Black Friday", the United Kingdom, "Boxing Day" as the existence of a veritable large online shopping festival. Double eleven originated in the Taobao Mall (Tmall) held in November 11, 2009 to participate in promotional activities, when businesses are overjoyed, was far more than expected results! As a result, the major businesses have to follow suit, in November 11th has also become a fixed date Tmall held large-scale promotional activities. And now, the eleven has become the annual feast of e-commerce, and gradually began to affect the e-commerce industry, became a global carnival. We are shopping online at the same time, the order data is huge, the 2015 peak of 80 thousand per transaction creating ability of pen, Alipay trading peak per minute to 2 million 850 thousand pen. Transaction amount in November 11, 2014 was 57 billion 100 million yuan a day, in November 11, 2015 was $912.17 a day, almost doubled, a huge amount of network security will bring great pressure. When we shopping carnival, also let fraudsters take advantage of, once had the wrong link buddy cheated payment, so how to safely chop the hand? Sohu – please Qingyun technology infinite QingCloud co-founder & chief architect, Lin Yuan (Spencer Lin) to explain the network security problem to us, how to keep their money safe shopping. Lin Yuan (Spencer Lin), undergraduate and master’s degree at Tsinghua University, after graduation has been engaged in the development and research of distributed and low-level systems. Create a QingCloud before, once in IBM in Hadoop research and optimization of project related; Tencent in 2010 to join the search image search program, image correlation research and development, in the analysis of algorithms of massive image search and selection etc.. At present, QingCloud is mainly responsible for the development of API and back-end systems. Qingyun QingCloud is the world’s first and second response of resources according to the cloud based service providers second measurement, is committed to provide users with safe and reliable performance, on-demand, real-time IT resource and service delivery platform. The 4 p.m. Tuesday, will be united again 7 infinite live broadcast platform together and the young founder Qingyun together. Eleven, we will send a barrage to Lin questions, do not miss yo. Click or sweep the two-dimensional code, enter the studio, welcome attention to "Sohu infinite technology" anchor C相关的主题文章: