Hubei will hold the Taiwan Week activities on entrepreneurship competition on both sides of the youn-jessica rabbit

Hubei will hold the Taiwan Week activities on entrepreneurship competition of young college students on both sides of this month 14 days to 18 days, the thirteenth session of the Hubei · Wuhan Taiwan week will be held in Hubei. Taiwan this week by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, the Hubei provincial government, sponsored by the Wuhan municipal government, the Provincial Taiwan Affairs Office, the Provincial Youth Federation, Xiangyang municipal government, Yichang municipal government, Huanggang municipal government, Xiantao government, Shennongjia forest region government, the Taiwan Affairs Office of Wuhan City contractors, Taiwan Industry Association, the Taiwan Chinese Youth Entrepreneurs Association and other related organizations Co. Taiwan this week will be the "first 2016 East Lake Strait Youth Forum" as the main body, by organizing a series of activities to promote cross-strait youth understanding and mutual trust, deepen cross-strait youth exchanges and cooperation in an all-round way. Will be held during the opening ceremony and the signing ceremony of the project, the first Taiwan cross-strait youth forum in East Lake, the second cross-strait youth innovation and entrepreneurship college Invitational, the third cross-strait youth micro film contest and forum, the first cross-strait Animation Festival (Wuhan), the first cross-strait forum for the disabled, the seventh cross strait industrial cooperation and Li Shizhen medical culture the development of the forum and other activities. It is understood that before continuously held in Taiwan 12 weeks, in the promotion of compatriots on both sides of the Straits exchanges, promoting the economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation, promote Hubei to build a high quality platform, become our province Guozihao comprehensive opening up one of the main platforms. Currently resident in Hubei compatriots in Taiwan has reached more than 3000 people, the province registered 2583 Taiwan funded enterprises, Foxconn, Wangwang, tripod and other more than 60 hundred enterprises in Taiwan to invest in Hubei. More business information, please pay attention to the big Chu business WeChat, scan the QR code below or search dachucy

湖北将办台湾周活动 上演两岸青年大学生创业大赛本月14日至18日,第十三届湖北·武汉台湾周将在湖北举行。本届台湾周由国务院台湾事务办公室、湖北省政府、武汉市政府主办,省台办、省青联、襄阳市政府、宜昌市政府、黄冈市政府、仙桃市政府、神农架林区政府、武汉市台办承办,台湾工业总会、台湾中华青年企业家协会等相关团体协办。本届台湾周将以“2016首届两岸青年东湖论坛”为主体,通过举办系列交流活动,增进两岸青年了解和互信,深化两岸青年全方位交流与合作。期间将举办开幕式及台资项目签约仪式、首届两岸青年东湖论坛、第二届两岸青年大学生创新创业邀请赛、第三届两岸青年微电影大赛暨高峰论坛、首届海峡两岸(武汉)动漫节、首届海峡两岸残障事业论坛、第七届海峡两岸李时珍医药文化与产业合作发展论坛等活动。据了解,之前连续举办的12届台湾周,在促进两岸同胞往来,推动鄂台经济文化交流与合作,宣传推介湖北等方面搭建了高质量的平台,成为我省“国字号”综合性对外开放主要平台之一。目前常住湖北的台湾同胞已达3000余人,全省注册台资企业2583家,富士康、旺旺、健鼎等60多家台湾百强企业在湖北投资兴业。更多创业资讯,请关注大楚创业微信,扫描下方二维码或搜索dachucy相关的主题文章: