How To Care For A Memory Foam Mattress-yo te amo

Health Traditional spring mattresses often .e with instructions to spot clean only. Because spring mattresses can house mold and dust mites, many people have their spring mattresses professionally cleaned annually by the same .panies that clean carpets and other furniture. It is also a good idea to lug a traditional mattress, even a king mattress if possible, out to air in the warm sunshine at least once a year. Memory foam mattresses should not be steam- cleaned as the heat of the steam can damage the foam material. If the mattress is soiled with bodily fluids, lightly spray the spot with an enzymatic cleaner. You can find enzymatic cleaners in pet supply stores and often even in your grocer’s pet care aisle. Allow the cleaner to soak into the spot for about 20 minutes, then gently blot the spot with a clean cloth or towel that is dampened with clean water. Once you have thoroughly blotted the spot, use a clean, dry towel to blot at the spot until it is as dry as possible. Continue to allow the mattress to dry fully before replacing mattress pads, sheets, and other bedding. It is important to not soak the mattress during cleaning. Damp cleaning should do the trick. Because memory foam mattresses are viscous and are made of polyurethane, they are less hospitable to mildew and mold and dust mites than traditional mattresses. For this reason, memory foam mattresses do not need as much cleaning as mattresses made of other materials. However, it is a good idea to air a memory foam mattress, much as you would a spring mattress. To air a memory foam mattress, simply select a warm sunny day. Open the windows and let as much air and light into the room as possible. Then strip the mattress of all bedclothes, sheets, mattress pads, and covers, and allow the memory foam mattress to breath in this manner for the day. Simply remake the bed as usual in the evening. Of course, all mattresses made of any material are prone to collect dirt and skin cells because people, and often pet animals, lie on them. The best way to keep a memory foam mattress clean of dirt and debris is to protect it well. Sheets are the standard for mattress protection, that and .fort are why sheets were invented. But dirt and skin cells can penetrate the fabric of sheets and end up in the mattress. Mattress protectors are a wise investment in prolonging the life of a memory foam mattress. If young children will be using a memory foam mattress, consider protecting it with a plastic-backed mattress protector. Mattress protectors are easily removed and washed to maintain a clean bed and keep the memory foam mattress free of dirt and debris. Memory foam mattresses are really quite easy to care for– in many ways they are much easier to care for than traditional spring mattresses. Careful cleaning of spills and soiled spots .bined with regular use of a mattress protector and an easy annual airing will prolong the life of a memory foam mattress, so that it is an investment that will last for many years. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: