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Software Time and attendance software is used to monitor how much time each particular employee works each day. It also tells you the exact amount of hours and days each employee has worked in a month. There are a lot of benefits that our .pany enjoyed after implementing our new time and attendance software. Here is a recollection from a .pany that I used to work at. As a background to getting the new system, I used to watch employees seemingly .ing and going on their own free will. Their work schedules were not followed closely enough, tasks were not reached on time and we were not very profitable. The time & attendance software and scheduling software changed all of it. The stress was so high I even had thoughts of closing the .pany. About this time, the president of another .pany that I respect very much suggested we implement a new time and attendance tracking system. He even guaranteed that the performance and profitability of our .pany would be significantly improved. And so it began. We prepared our needs analysis, conducted market research through many avenues including timeandattendance.pare.. and then picked the best one for our .pany. Before implementing our new system, many employees raised concerns over the pending changes. After the first month, their position changed considerably. Profits started rising almost immediately, customers noticed the difference in our attention to time, and our customer retention also increased. Employees were starting work on time, delivering milestones and targets, and absenteeism went from high to nearly null. I believe that these changes were simply due to our new time and attendance system. The employees seemed to fear that if they missed a day or they did not do their work on time, they would either be fired or would be penalized. They knew that automatic employee attendance tracking software was present in the organization now and they had to pick up their game. The first significant benefit to putting in a new time and attendance system was that we were able to .pletely get rid of our old manual system which was not only costly but also hard to maintain as well. It was getting increasingly difficult to find developers who knew the old language and those we did find charged a premium for their exclusive knowledge. The second benefit of our new time & attendance software was that it eliminated buddy punching. We had not been able to put a number on this area but found that it was more than we care to admit now. The third benefit was to get the new time and attendance system to perform other tasks that we were not already covering with our manual system. The two biggest new areas were in employee scheduling and project costing. The employee scheduling system that is built in was fantastic. It was easy to use and highly graphical. In summary, I feel that our new time and attendance software changed the entire feel of our .pany and was a big success. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: