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U.S. household health care spending to know how many Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! American family medical expenditure to know how much Wen Tianye (from New York) the United States is the world’s largest national health care spending, according to a research report, the June 2016 national health care expenditures accounted for 18.2% of gdp. According to the latest report on the health care index, the cost of health care for a family of four in 2016 was $25826, a record high. Health care spending exceeded $3 trillion in the United States is the world’s largest national health care expenditure, but American health care does not belong to a complete sense of social welfare, workers during work to enjoy retirement pay health insurance tax government medical insurance, but also to take part in medicine, hospitalization and treatment expenses. Although the overall health care spending growth has slowed, but the proportion of more families spending on health care is becoming more and more, some families have obviously felt the financial strain. With the government to expand insurance coverage in recent years, and the implementation of subsidies for low income earners to purchase insurance "Affordable Care Act", more and more people began to enter the medical insurance system, which leads to more particularly to middle-class families are paying more medical care costs. Table 1 shows the basic state of health care spending in the United States from 1960 to 2014. Health care spending in the United States in 1960 was $27 billion 200 million, of which $9 billion was spent on hospitals, $5 billion 600 million for doctors and clinics, and $2 billion 700 million for prescription drugs. 1970 U.S. health care spending was $74 billion 600 million in 1980 increased to $255 billion 300 million in 1990 rose to $721 billion 400 million. 2000 U.S. health care spending exceeded $1 trillion, reaching $1 trillion and 360 billion in 2010 exceeded $2 trillion, $2 trillion and 590 billion; in 2014 it is entering the $3 trillion mark. Table 1:1960 ~ 2014 national healthcare expenditure (US $) in the hospital doctor and clinic prescription total spending $9 billion and 56 in 1960 2 billion 700 million and 272 1970 27 billion 200 million and 143 1980 5 billion 500 million and 746 billion billion billion billion billion billion in 1990 100 billion 500 million and 477 12 billion 2 thousand and 553 250 billion 400 million 1 thousand and 584 40 billion 300 million 7 thousand and 214 415 billion 500 million 2 thousand and 887 121 billion 1 trillion and 360 billion billion billion in 2000 817 billion 600 million 5 thousand and 164 2010 2 trillion and 590 billion 2011 883 billion 200 million 5 thousand and 409 258 billion 700 million 253 billion billion billion billion in 2012 2 trillion and 690 billion 902 billion 700 million 5 thousand and 630 259 billion 100 million 2 trillion and 790 billion 933 billion 900 million 5 thousand and 768 billion on 2013相关的主题文章: