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Health The human adrenal glands, which are found on the top of the kidneys, discharge epinephrine and several hormones or hormone-resembling chemicals. People who suffer from adrenal fatigue often .plain of extreme tiredness and exhaustion. This happens due to exposure to continuous stress, making the glands work too hard until able to produce enough hormones. The most .mon symptoms of adrenal exhaustion include tiredness, blood pressure changes, inability to handle stress, persistent infections, muscle weakness, mild depression, salt cravings, and decreased libido. Helps in Lessening Depression and Stress Hormones In order to calm your nervous system and regulate hormones, you need professional massage therapy services to alleviate the problems associated with depression and less sleep at night. It also helps in reducing the stress hormones found in your blood stream. Stress occurs for a variety of reasons like extended working hours, work pressure, fussy children, irate customers, demanding spouse, or any other personal/professional concerns. To fight so much stress, Thai, shiatsu and Esalen massage can help in the treatment of this condition. Aromatherapy massage is another effective method used in the treatment. The use of aromatherapy oils helps to soothe your mind and assuage stress even more. Improves Your Mood According to the National Center for .plementary and Alternative Medicine, a single session with your therapist can lessen temporary anxiety caused due to a stressful condition. Again, multiple massage sessions help in alleviating general anxiety and depression. As per doctors, a simple massage of your hand lessens anxiety in patients to a considerable extent. Back Massage Will Help You Relax You can opt for a relaxing back massage to help stimulate cortisol production in the adrenals. Your therapist may re.mend this, aiming the adrenals, kidneys and lower back to improve the health of your glands. You can go for acupuncture for adrenal therapy, targeting specific areas to enhance the adrenal function. Consult an experienced professional who has adequate knowledge about assuaging adrenal fatigue. Improves Immune Function One particular indication of adrenal exhaustion is recurrent infections and sore throats. Research shows that there are positive effects of pressing and kneading of the human body on the immune function. The professional touch of a therapist on the pressure points of your body increases the natural killer cells and white blood cells in healthy people, followed by a Swedish massage. HIV patients who get regular or daily treatment have shown improvements in terms of increase in T-cells and natural killer cell activity. Additionally, HIV positive children receiving therapy two times a week have shown a reduced loss of lymphocytes. To get the best results, its imperative that you consult a certified and experienced professional offering massage therapy services. The American Massage Therapy Association suggests people to ask their massage therapist about his or her credentials. Be sure why you need it in the first place and based on the answer, the person concerned will re.mend the ideal approach and style of the treatment. Remember that it should be opted for releasing stress, feeling relaxed and should not be considered as a substitute of medical treatment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: