How does the five generation change the air combat mode The pilot experience

How does the five generation change the air combat mode? The U.S. military pilots from the U.S. media said, F-35 aircraft entered the U.S. arms service, the fifth generation air combat mode started. But the military said it was necessary to build a fifth generation combat network necessary to combat the network. According to voice of America radio website reported in November 8th, 4 in November 7th fifth generation fighter pilots from the US Air Force and marine corps a discussion on Capitol Hill will be introduced, driving the fourth generation fighter and fifth generation fighter experience. Several pilots have likened this upgrade to 10 years ago, the general mobile phone to the smartphone jump. Lieutenant Colonel David · blog is an F-35B pilot (VOA Li Bao November 7, 2016 shooting) is far more than the fifth generation fighter looks Marines F-35B fighter pilot David · Colonel Burke explained, the fifth generation fighter is far more than a fighter, but one can collect and deal with the relevant operational data, the key information network and bidirectional processing and application platforms for information. He said that the real value of the fifth generation fighter does not lie in its superb flight parameters itself, but in its ability to deal with information, participate in joint operations. The air force F-35A fighter pilot Scott · Colonel Gunn said, F-35 aircraft entering U.S. military service, marking the us into the next two years, the thirty threshold of air combat mode, but the current combat network is not developed enough, the real value of the fifth generation fighter has not fully demonstrated, as if today’s advanced intelligent mobile phone to 1990s dial-up Internet use that old. The air force commander Scott · Gunn is a F-35A pilot (VOA Li Bao November 7, 2016) the deployment of U.S. F-35 preferred Asia Pacific region of the United States Air Force in August 2nd announced the first initial operational qualification F-35A fighter flight team, said that it would strive to the end of next year will be F-35A operational flight team assigned to the European theater and the Pacific, security there are more and more big challenge. The Marine Corps has announced in 2015 the first to obtain the initial operational qualification of the F-35B fighter jets, is expected in early 2017 will be deployed to the U.S. military base in japan. The U.S. military said it is actively promoting the construction of combat network infrastructure, to maximize the potential of the fifth generation of Internet combat aircraft.相关的主题文章: