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How do astronauts live in new homes? The sky two "black space technology" – Beijing Temple No. two, simulation of Aerospace Science and Technology Group held for 22 September 15th 4, the evening of the Mid Autumn Festival, the first space laboratory module complete sense of our number two, successfully flew to the space. In the next month, it will wait for the arrival of Shenzhou eleven in space, the two completed rendezvous and docking, the astronauts set up a space home". By then, the astronauts will work and live here for 30 days, which will also become China’s longest manned flight time. In 2013, China’s 3 astronauts had to stay 15 days in Tiangong-1, verify the "short-term" reside in orbit. This time, the astronauts will stay in the temple before long times to verify the "interim" reside in orbit. This is not easy. How to ensure that astronauts in 30 days of weightlessness environment has a good life, working state? Chinese Youth Daily? Youth online reporter interviewed Temple No. two general development units — the Fifth Research Institute of Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (hereinafter referred to five experts). Decoration: spinning equipment, private calls complete five Tiangong two chief designer Zhu Congpeng told reporters that Tiangong-1’s "simple decoration" is different from the days of two and Shenzhou eleven consisting of "space" home "is a fine decoration". "Fine" to what extent, even interior decoration materials, living facilities, lighting equipment, air environment and other details, can be used to "scientific design" to describe. If the Tiangong two and Shenzhou eleven docking assembly, compared to the "space house", then the Tiangong two is the home of "large bay". Zhu Congpeng said, in combination with the division of the Shenzhou temple in work and life, test, sleep, entertainment, garbage storage area etc.. In Tiangong two, astronauts working and living space of about 15 cubic meters. An area of large for astronauts exercise the "treadmill", and work with the "multi function platform", Zhu Zong Peng said, the two used folding way, to the greatest extent save space. In 393 kilometers away from the earth and space, to perform up to 30 day mission, not only is a serious challenge to China’s space security capabilities, but also double test to the astronaut physiology and spirit. This requires the Temple No. two, the large bay, health and entertainment facilities can not be a fall". For example, the treadmill, Tiangong two prepared by spinning". Five Tiangong two spacecraft space laboratory engineer Zhang Yabin introduction, the astronauts have long lived in the ground gravity environment, once in the weightless environment, the body will produce a lot of changes to these changes is called the physiological effects of weightlessness. In order to protect the physiological health of astronauts, fitness equipment is very necessary. Also, tailored for the astronauts fitness artifact – bone loss counter, also known as "against osteoporosis instruments". Zhang Yabin said that this is an important instrument to ensure the health of astronauts in space flight, which hit the human body by the corresponding points of the calf, stimulate the bones, change.相关的主题文章: