Harbin 6 heating enterprises in advance to see if you have a home heating lightscape

6 Harbin heating company heating in advance, you do not see the house the Harbin City Housing Bureau relevant responsible person said, at present each Harbin Thermal enterprises are ready to test the water, hot operation, heating departments are paying close attention to the Harbin precipitation, and the meteorological department joint Heating Meteorological consultation, pay close attention to the weather trend. Once the continuous 5 day average temperature below 5 DEG C, will advance the requirements of enterprises to start the heating heat. New users are included in the heating network 24 hours heating at the same time, the reporter interviewed a number of large heating enterprises, is expected to understand the earliest 12 days will be hot hot state running enterprises began to Harbin, Harbin 15, some residents began to feel warm home heating. Not only that, Tallahassee area part of the heating company will also advance in Tallahassee regional comprehensive furnace! Let some people will warm up!! Including the old residential district, Kazakhstan Polytechnic University, Harbin Vocational and Technical College and the residents of new housing areas such as Huarun Triumphal Arch, sea shore, Yong Gyong Dongfangruijing, CCCC chanson, Kazakhstan Polytechnic University Teachers apartment etc.. These new users will all be included in this year’s heating network, enjoy 24 hours of uninterrupted heating. Next, we will comb the small, to the city of Harbin each district heating company name and heating time, and district heating management office telephone, receiving good! Heating enterprises: Dragon Tang Qunli branch is responsible for the heating area: most of the furnace is expected to 12 time: group -13 days to start hot commissioning, is expected to around 15 residents of the home have a warm feeling. Heating enterprises: Veolia (Harbin) power in Nangang area as part of the old city, Tallahassee furnace time: October 13th, the proximal 15 day residents of the home heating is gradually warming up. Tallahassee remote residents of the home is expected in the 16 to 18 gradually temperature sense. Heating enterprises: Harbin thermoelectric limited liability company in Xiangfang area from some areas such as furnace time: October 14th (5 days earlier than last year), 16 to 17 area residents gradually have the warm feeling. The Czech Republic: thermal heating enterprises in Songbei area as part of the furnace time: October 15th, start running state, is expected to 16 to 17 residents of the home have warm feeling. Heating enterprises: Harbin Hatou heating company responsible for the region: Nangang area, chemical road and furnace time: October 14th to 15 on the hot start operation, on the 17 day can meet the heating requirements. Heating enterprises: Property heating heating and Huaneng Group under the jurisdiction of district heating enterprises responsible for each part of the old city area: Harbin furnace time: Huaneng, trust, a sense, property companies are under the jurisdiction of heating heating group began in October 13th, one week before the start of hot commissioning, ready to kaishuan heating required by the government. To ensure that the overall quality of heating standards in October 20th. Warming up before the heating period to prepare for heating. Harbin City Thermal Management Office 87390010.相关的主题文章: