Get rid of the baby fall and loss of appetite! e2140

Get rid of the baby fall and loss of appetite! It is easy to look forward to the fall, the children’s appetite has finally improved or restored. The parents began to actively take special skills, cooking show, ready to give the child to make up. Did not think it backfired, some children not only did not increase the appetite, but there was a lack of appetite, poor appetite. When found the baby loss of appetite, most parents are very anxious, worried that their children will be hungry to worry that their child is suffering from what disease, unable to grow healthy and strong. But more let parents feel doubt, hot summer, the child rest poor sleep, sweating and also drink plenty of water, easy to cause the child gastrointestinal disorders and poor appetite, but why in the cool autumn weather children will loss of appetite? The reason is that the development of various organs of the child is not yet perfect, gastrointestinal function is weak. Many children indulge in cold drinks in the summer, the stomach to eat bad, resulting in decreased gastrointestinal function, naturally do not love to eat. But after the beginning of autumn weather is dry, do not have children, adults are also very easy because of dry heat, cause indigestion and other discomfort, mouth parched and tongue scorched heat phenomenon, these children will lead to loss of appetite. In addition, the fall of the children not only easy to catch a cold, because of the shortage of water is also easy to cause constipation and other intestinal diseases, which cause loss of appetite. In this case, the parents should give their children more water, often let the children drink plenty of water, eat more fruits, can not wait until thirsty to drink water. Usually allows children to eat pears, grapes, tomatoes and other foods rich in water, to ensure that the child added moisture. Try to give the children to eat some digestible, less greasy food. You can take "eat less and eat more" approach, do not let children eat too much, eat too much easily lead to fire. In order to improve the child’s gastrointestinal activity, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the proper use of probiotic powder, moms can try. To love probiotics probiotics, for example, after taking the baby will help better digestion and absorption, nutrition is not wasted. It contains probiotics can restore normal intestinal flora, increase the variety of digestive enzymes, and can promote the decomposition of harmful substances and intestinal excretion, help children digestion, increase appetite, easy to solve the problem of anorexia. But when mommy loves probiotics into the intestine will grow a lot and produce essential nutrients in vivo, such as folic acid, niacin, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, nutritional supplements play a role. At the same time can promote protein digestion, absorption, and promote the child’s body of calcium, iron and vitamin D absorption, a great help to the baby’s health. However, in order to make the child a good appetite, love to eat, but also to do the timing, according to the meal to eat, do not eat snacks before meals, do not drink. Now the good living conditions, parents raising children, diet is not reasonable, let the children love to eat a variety of snacks, resulting in children intake of sugar, high protein foods, may affect children’s brain feeding center, leading to anorexia nervosa. The child’s growth and development cannot do without the intake of nutrients, if you are to eat children and worry, may wish to combine these suggestions and try to find out the real source of the baby does not love to eat to solve, let.相关的主题文章: