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Food-and-Drink Like the culture of India, the cuisines of India are also very diverse and there is no single cuisine which can represent Indian food alone. Indian food consists of different regional cuisines like North Indian, South Indian and the food of west and eastern India. Every part of India has its own kind and flavor of food which distinctively separates it from other regions. The unique and strong flavors in Indian food are derived from spices, seasonings, leafy vegetables, grains, fruits and legumes and cooking style of every region. Maintain the authenticity of every region, restaurants in India serve all varieties of Indian food. Delhi to Bangalore and Mumbai to Gurgoan, restaurants server Punjabi, Rajasthani, Malwani, Konkani and South Indian food. The most common food found in any average restaurant in Delhi and Gurgoan consists of chapattis or rotis, along with dals, vegetables and Curd. Rice is not preferred much in the North India. Normal restaurants Bangalore will serve rice, along with dals and curries. The dishes are mostly rice-based with wide use of Coconut and Tamarind. Similarly the eastern part of India mostly consists of rice and fish eaters. However, restaurants in Mumbai and western part of India mostly serve chapatti, dals, achar and combination of vegetables. However, the multi- cuisine restaurants serve delicacies from every part of the country and world. All famous and renowned restaurants of India have different cuisine to choose from like Indian, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, and Continental. Regular corporate meeting and conferences are held in these hotels and restaurants and different cuisines are served for these corporate lunches to suite the plates of many. With both and women working in the cities the six course meal is slowly been replaced by fast food. Everybody is in hurry and have no time to enjoy a six course meal and prefer fast food or easy take away"s. The most common fast foods which have become part of many lives in Indian metros are burger and pizzas. People are busy and have no time to cook and hence prefer to call and get burger and pizzas delivered to their home or offices and this led the growth of fast food restaurants . Keeping in view the food habits of Indians, Pizza Hut has done major change in its original menu. Today it has included veg pizzas, soups salads, ice cream and desserts in its menu to fit the Indian eaters. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: