Facebook in the introduction of AI app can be converted into a Picasso style photos havd707

Facebook in APP into AI can be transformed into a new style photo Picasso Facebook APP can make the photo art Phoenix Technology News Beijing on November 9th news, recently, Facebook Engineer Hossain · (Hussein Mehanna); Tarek Mehanna has been showing a new version of the Facebook APP intelligent mobile phone to reporters, if you held a barbecue in the backyard, a photo photos, APP can be a photo into a work of art, like Picasso, Van Gogh, Warhol (Warhol) as paintings. In the new APP embedded a special photo filters, you can choose a type of art, such as the 1907 Picasso style, it can be a backyard barbecue photos into cubism photos. Very interesting, even live video can also be converted. The camera on their own, you can turn the video into a Picasso style. In fact, the new APP is more interesting with the technology behind the photo filter. Mahana is a Facebook engineer, his work is the application of AI in the Facebook company, as Mahana explains, APP includes several depth of the depth of the neural network, a neural network is an artificial intelligence (AI) a, it is rapidly changing world of science and technology. Try to neurons in the neural network structure meritorious neural network simulation of the human brain can learn through the analysis of massive data, complete all kinds of separate tasks. For example, users to publish photos in the Facebook neural network face recognition, when we command to the Android mobile phone to send voice, it can also recognize, neural network can also be translated into other languages Skype. Now, Facebook uses a variety of different works of art to train the neural network, so that individual photos show different visual effects. In general, the neural network running in a large number of computer servers, these servers in the data center, which is located in the other end of the network, if the mobile phone is not connected to the network to use the neural network, but the new Facebook APP are different. Picasso filter is driven by a neural network, it is highly efficient, can run directly on the phone. "We can perceive the outside world in real time," said AI. "Why can’t we?" The new APP has been launched in Ireland, will soon be promoted in the United States, it once again proves that the depth of the neural network will come out of the data center, into the phone, camera, other devices, the proliferation of the Internet of things. Last summer, Google put the neural network into the "Google translate" APP, it can identify the words in the photo, translated into a new language. Some organizations, such as the Alan Institute for artificial intelligence, are also developing similar neural networks. Yes, these tools can be used even if the network connection is broken. In the future, smart phone APP can do more tasks in the offline state. Not only that, it also tells us that technology is progressing, and that new technologies will be able to deal with more complex AI tasks, with less delay. Finally, if we don’t need to pass.相关的主题文章: