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Networking With time passing by, social media has evolved as a medium of connecting people, sharing photos, knowing and letting others know what you are doing. Consequently, it has turned to much more than what it was just 2 years back; dragging the corporate strategy battles on social platform. The element of social engineering that implies an openness and transparency in .munication, participation, sharing, collaboration and cooperation makes the social ground much more attractive than it ever was. With this gignatic media, we have a niche media developing on its horizon coined as Earned Media. Classifying Earned Media, it is when customer be.es the channel example of, Word of mouth publicity, Buzz, Viral marketing etc and majority of it .es in the form of Consumer-generated writings. This is when, people share their thoughts/reviews/opinions/re.mendations alongside the brand and their credbility. Giving a feel how stunning or how darning a brand as a whole, along with its products looks like. .panies earn favorable points/sentiments if they enable .pelling these customer experiences on the positive side. Earned Media has gained lot of recognition in the recent past and present. Looking at the current figures, social media advertising is expected to reach nearly $3 billion by 2011 (Oops! Who thought it 6 years back from now! Atleast i didnt) Possibly, it demonstrates the intense focus, .panies are giving it as part of their overall marketing strategies. Earned Media is the resultant of well formulated, implemented and well systemised, owned and paid media streams. Returns of Earned Media can be sensible and pure data, sales booster and clear signals from your engaged customers. However some challenges (for corporates) can be relinquishment of control on this type of social .munication. And if your customers are throwing negative feeds around, seems you need a better disaster recovery plan on your brand! (But thats an equation each time, so less to bother on earned media scenario!) Luke Ale The author is a business researcher with CheckBuzz, a social media monitoring .pany. AboutCheckBuzz: A Social Media Monitoring .pany, which tells brands/corporates what bloggers, journalists, powerful consumers, or even ordinary people are saying about them. Having a healthy experience of 3+ years, this .pany gives its solutions onSocial media consulting, Social media marketing and Social media montoring. For any inquiries, please feel free to write our team: [email protected] 相关的主题文章: