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Director of pediatric talk: neonatal jaundice things – maternal Sohu recently, the State Food and Drug Administration issued a revision of Yinzhihuang Injection instructions of the announcement, the first clear the "disable neonates and infants". At the same time, in the taboo items clearly marked newborn, infant disabled, and notes in the note: there is no systematic study of the application of this product in children, does not recommend the use of children." So, jaundice baby in the end how to treat it? What is the pathogenesis of jaundice? Today, the Sohu invited to the maternal and pediatric hospital director Chen Yuqin Fu, for father and mother answer on the "yellow baby" those things. The guests: Chen Yuqin, director of pediatric hospital and General Hospital of China Aviation of China Medical University, director of Pediatrics, director of China eugenics Association, for the baby pregnancy education network chief science experts. Representative works: "science video guide", "neonatal maintenance maintenance" – under the guide of newborn, familiar with diagnosis and treatment of disease and the common disease of children, especially the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases, neonatal difficult critically ill treatment, especially good at the treatment of asthma and allergic disease areas. What is neonatal jaundice? Neonatal jaundice is a very common clinical symptom of newborns, we do not need to call it a disease. Neonatal jaundice induced a lot, including some common diseases, neonatal jaundice is caused by indirect bilirubin, today I was mainly about, pathologic jaundice in newborn physiological jaundice on the basis of this, we are the most common clinical, it has puzzled many parents. Neonatal jaundice features 1, a low incidence of serious injury but may be in the neonatal period, pathological jaundice is a common syndrome, but it is also dangerous, dangerous and may also be very serious, and even lead to child mental retardation. 2, we should control the early treatment can control early in the treatment of jaundice, don’t let it happen serious complications in 3, yellow is not yellow to judge the doctor for jaundice treatment is not based on the naked eye at yellow do diagnosis and treat suggestion according to the standard, but to strictly enforce the guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of jaundice, there are guidelines, there are guidelines. Two, the cause of neonatal jaundice? Under normal circumstances, the adult body of bilirubin is less than 1 mg, and this is the total bile, the total bile inside the indirect bilirubin and direct bilirubin. Adults of the bile, straight together can not be more than 1 mg, when reaching the level of 2 mg, the clinical eye of the white eye will look like a person will become yellow, the skin will become more yellow. Newborn capillaries rich, even if the blood bilirubin is greater than 5 mg, but it may be a doctor to see a little yellow, parents can not see. In the past because of the high incidence of bilirubin encephalopathy, maternal confinement room don’t see the sun, and if the child does not see the light wind, and then hang thick window curtain, it is not easy to yellow yellow child parents found, once aware may have got bilirubin encephalopathy. The main cause of adult life of red blood cells, 1 neonatal bilirubin increased 120 days, will have a continuous decline of the overall number of freshmen, maintained at 3 million 500 thousand – 500.相关的主题文章: