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UnCategorized Transgression from TV to the Internet It used to be, that the only way you could watch Satellite TV was by sitting your bottom on the couch, and watching it there. Now days though, you have direct to internet satellite TV. What does this mean? Simple as this, our youth have TV in front of them no matter where they go! Watching TV by itself is a great past time, it can be relaxing, and a great way to switch off after a hard days work. But for the kids of today, it can literally be a death sentence to their social lives. Direct to internet satellite TV is making this good old past time worse. Where it used to be that kids would go outside and play with their friends, or just go into the backyard and kick a ball around all afternoon, now there is no exercise, no social interaction, its just them and the TV. Where Will Direct to Internet Satellite TV Lead? I dont want to sound like a pessimist or a naysayer or anything like that, but truth be told, if our society keeps on the way it goes, we are not only going to be the fattest nation in the world, were also going to start losing our intellect, and economic power. Think about it, if the majority of todays youth are glued to the TV or their .puter (watching direct to internet Satellite TV) whats going to happen to our nation in the next 10 or 20 years? The answer is chaos. Sure, it wont fall into a big heap, but there is a very good chance that our society as a whole will take a backward step! What Can We Do Stopping This Progression? While there really isnt much we can do about the big corporations releasing product after product that they make big bucks out of, exploiting the lifestyles of our youth, we can have an impact on the decisions we take with our kids. Try limiting the time they spending watching direct to internet satellite TV, try taking them down to the park once in a while and get them out of the house and actually enjoying some fresh are and some sports (remember those?). Youll probably find that your family life will improve dramatically as well, because youll be able to spend more quality time with your kids, and less time screaming at them to get off the TV or .puter. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: