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Movies-TV It is being observed as times have change so have the various Industries and one of them which we are referring here is the DTH Industry. As per the notification by the government, viewers are required to shift to digitization for the entertainment on the TV Sets. This will make it possible to change the transmission from Analog to Digital with the help of Digital TV Box (Set Top Box) and DTH Satellite. This will after all benefit the viewers and they need not think about shelling out some little money for the asset which is going to improve their viewing experience. With the help of Digital TV Box one will not receive little but many benefits as .pared to the analog transmission. The benefits which this asset Digital TV Box offers are tremendous and are as follows: 1. Increased number of channels 2. High quality viewing like Digital Picture 3. High Definition Asli "HD" Channels 4. High Definition Digital (HDD) Sound Quality 5. 3D content enabled – Videocon d2h pioneer of the technology. 6. DVD player within set top box (MP3 / VCD / SVCD / ACD enabled)- This feature is available only with Videocon d2h. 7. 24 x 7 Customer Support 8. And many more…. The features like "HD" channels, 5x times digital quality picture, HDD sound, 16:9 aspect ratio and many more can be enjoyed with the help of the HD Set top box. The HD Set top box is the perfect match for the television set having HD enabled feature in it. As of today Videocon d2h is the only service provider within the country offering the highest no. of 368 channels and services and also highest no. of 19 Asli "HD" channels. Also Videocon d2h is the only .pany which is offering various types of Digital TV box which others are yet to offer, they are: Sr. No. | Description | Product Name 1. Standard Set top box – Satellite box 2. HD Set top box – Satellite HD DVR 3. HD Set top box 3D enabled – HD Satellite box with 3D 4. DVD Player with built – in HD Set top box – Satellite DVD 5. LCD TV with built – in set top box – Satellite LCD The DTH Satellite plays a crucial role for the above features to be availed. It is because it acts as a medium to receive the transmission from the satellite and transmit it to the set top box.Videocon d2h seems to have an excellent infrastructure for the same as the satellite it is dependent on is aligned at 88* East on the Clark Belt. It has the best Satellite Footprint across India covering even the remotest area which in turn makes its signals best in the industry. The .mon question that arises in the minds on the customers is that what about the quality that we are talking about is going to be in monsoon as the Dish – DTH Satellite is placed outside the house in open. But one need not worry about the same as with Videocon d2h one do not have to fear loss of signals during rainy season, as Videocon d2h Reflectors (Dish – DTH Satellite) are Normal Rain Proof meaning we will not have any problem while enjoying our favorite TV show during Rainy Season About the Author: 相关的主题文章: