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SEO Most entrepreneurs find search marketing to be very effective, even if their hired digital marketing .pany is doing a mediocre job of running their campaign. This is because when .pared to traditional forms of marketing, like print, television or radio; search marketing often offers the highest return on investment. Hence, many digital marketing professionals do not work hard enough to fully optimise their search campaigns. Usually, they stop working when they realise that their paid search campaign is outperforming other types of marketing. Google’s AdWords Requirements To prevent this from happening, Google announced changes to their Adwords requirements. According to Google, third party providers such as SEMs, resellers and lead aggregators, are required to provide their clients with certain AdWords campaign insights, on a monthly basis. These insights include Adwords cost, impressions and clicks. This data can be given in any format chosen by SEMs and resellers, such as email or a special reporting interface. According to Google, it was necessary to roll out these digital marketing requirements to ensure that clients understand how Adwords is performing for them, whether they are using Adwords directly or not. Many small .panies hire third parties to create and run digital marketing campaigns for them. These .panies may use Google Adwords as one of the ad platforms in their search marketing strategy. As Google believes that leads from Google Adwords convert at a higher rate than leads from Yahoo or Facebook advertising, they believe that clients should be provided a report on its effectiveness. This would help retain the digital marketing client and over.e advertiser churn. This seems to be logical enough. However, a few digital marketing agencies do not like this move. They think that if their clients received transparent information about the cost elements of their AdWords’ campaign, they would realise that they are being charged too much for search marketing. This may result in them either deciding to work with another digital marketing .pany, or in-source their search campaign themselves. However, if a digital marketing aggregator is unable to convince their client about why they are charging as much as they do, then maybe there are some other underlying issues that they need to look into. Effective management of a paid search program requires time, continuous monitoring of multiple campaign elements, and ongoing optimisation of bids, to ensure optimal ROI. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: