Dating Tips For Single Women – 5 Must Know Tips For Women Looking To Attract A

Dating So, you are out there in the dating world, a single woman that wants to attract a man. Only thing is, you don’t want to just attract any guy at all. I mean, that would not be that hard for you to do. No, you want to attract a quality man that seems to know what he wants out of life and has a dream that he is pursuing. That is much more appealing to you than attracting a guy that barely has his life together and wants to play silly little games. Here are 5 must know tips for every single women looking to attract a man: 1. Guys that have their lives together are probably not in that dingy little bar down the street. So, why even bother going there with the hopes that one day a Prince Charming type will walk in the door and take notice of you? You need to change the surroundings if you want to change the kind of guy that you really deserve. To keep on going to places where only the "losers" seem to congregate and expect to find something different, is just going be a frustrating experience. 2. You need to keep your appearance up to par. Now, you might want to live in that little bubble where looks don’t matter at all, but the truth is, that men ARE attracted to women because of their physical features. This does not mean that you have to worry about being big breasted or go out looking like a stripper to attract a man. But, you do want to make sure that you give yourself your best odds by being the best YOU can be. 3. To attract a man, you have to be willing to take some chances. Let’s say that you see a guy that you really think is exactly the kind of man that you have been looking for. Are you going to just let him walk away from you or are you going to take a chance and walk up to HIM? Some women think that this would put off a guy, but in most instances, it won’t. Not only will he wel.e the fact that you did not make him make all of the moves, but you will also leave quite the impression on him as well. 4. Show him that you have a sense of humor. To most men, a girl with a sense of humor can be like a dream .e true. Especially if you have kept up your appearance so that you look your best. Toss in a little bit of a joke here and there, and you will see that he reacts very nicely to this. Most guys are feeling a lot of internal pressure when they are around a woman, and they end up feeling a lot of tension because of this. You can ease that tension by making him laugh. 5. Tease him with your sexuality. A woman that can tease a man the right way can literally drive him crazy in a good way. If you want to seal the deal and know that you have his interest in you, then go ahead and tease him a little bit. You really do not have to go too far with this. Even just a sexy lick of your lips can be enough to send his mind reeling and make him start thinking of you ALL of the time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: