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PPC-Advertising A B2B Search Marketing casestudy – D3 approached Tug to increase both traffic and enquiries to the Outside Adventure website. What did D3 want to do? D3 Events are a long established brand experience agency who are well known for their large scale 4×4 vehicle events with Land Rover and Range Rover. In early 2007 D3 launched a new Team Building .pany called Outside Adventure, with a new approach to Team Building based at Easnor Castle, Herefordshire. In order to increase awarness and boost enquiries, Outside Adventure needed a cost effective advertising campaign. Outside Adventure approached Tug to help with a new Search Engine Marketing Campaign to increase both traffic and enquiries to the Outside Adventure website. How did Tug help them do it? We launched a large PPC account on Google.co.uk based on Team Building and Staff Incentives. With this we developed highly targeted Ad Copy which was tested regularly to achieve a high CTR and highly targeted enquiries. Targeting Human Resource websites, a Banner Ad Content Campaign was also run on the Google Content network to help increase awareness of the Outside Adventure brand. Along with Pay per Click, we optimised the Outside Adventure website to ensure the website was search engine friendly. This included link building on a regular basis to ensure the site is highly ranked in the search engines. With this, we submitted the Outside Adventure website to directories and also distributed articles, videos, pictures and more. How did it all go? Together Pay per Click and Search Engine Optimisation now drive around 20-30 new leads every month from both SMEs and Blue Chip .panies alike. Outside Adventure has gained a number of high profile clients as a direct result of Tug’s activity including Yahoo, Cadburys Schweppes, Morrisons, Specsavers, Mecca Bingo, the Olympic Swimming Team and various branches of the NHS. Many clients are so happy that they have booked further activities with Outside Adventure; further increasing the Return on ad spend. Since Tug started, Outside Adventure has expanded into a leading provider of Team Building Events. D3 are so happy with the results from Outside Adventure that they are expanding the search marketing activity to their events .pany, D3 Events. Fiona Day, Director, says "Tug have been brilliant at significantly increasing our quality leads and have worked hard at optimising the site in a very .petitive market place. They set themselves tough targets and are very determined to achieve them. They have also patiently helped develop my understanding of SEO and PPC and I trust them to work diligently and effectively with little input from myself." About the Author: 相关的主题文章: