Cousin Liu Wen led Chinese angel’s hair and the most eye-catching zhuxianduowan

Cousin Liu Wen led Chinese angel’s hair battle the most eye-catching title: 2016 Vitoria’s Secret Fashion Show will be held in Paris local time on November 30th, and is a feast ah, good looking and elegant black angel Chinese appearance, saying in our envy Dave golden hair at the same time, Dave for Chinese and black hair crazy, look at the China angels in the performance on the stage, the hair is indeed has its charm. (source: PClady) cousin Liu Wen led China angel’s hair curls the most eye-catching war is always a classic essential elements of Vitoria’s secret show, see proud posture beauty swinging beautiful hair, all sexy at the right time to show up. And the angel China than have an enviable figure, there is a beautiful black hair, Kanebo panoramic view, unforgettable, are also considered in the show field is the one and only exist. Liu Wen, He Sui,, and this year, there will be more than 53 models to participate in this big show, including the,, Xi Mengyao, He Sui, the Chinese model of the 4. The Ju Wen will be staged throughout her debut. Four different styles of China angel, to show us the secret of the Vitoria Oriental color underwear works, it seems that this is a joy. The foreign girl’s style: golden big, sexy girl’s style: foreign gold big, hot, and China angel uniform black hair in stark contrast, it is sexy, but sexy and sexy blonde hair always give people a different feeling, the former is more unrestrained, the latter is more introverted, hair color determines the temperament, there’s nothing wrong. Cousin’s return after a lapse of 4 years after a lapse of 4 years to return to the stage big cousin’s stage, with single fold dimple is supermodel Liu Wen, for our love, and Choi Siwon had a romantic love, also let a lot of people have changed the concept of a black supermodel, Liu Wen let us see more feminine the Oriental beauty, full of flavor. Medium length black hair a little fluffy in the long black hair a little fluffy, 46 points more feminine, black hair hanging down naturally, not volume is not straight, like the "Su Yan" hair, fresh and bright. When the hair with ornaments belonging to all-match jewelry with black hair, how can together mutual, cousin chose pearl pendant earrings, beautiful and generous. Fluffy hair and fluffy hair can not only modify part of the facial contour, but also reflects the woman taste, must take care of your hair before the hair, micro volume that makes it easier to create more, other, Liu Wen will own extra small pieces also made the effect of hair, the whole looks more natural coordination. Xi Mengyao with the reality show the surge in popularity of Xi Mengyao, beautiful black hair is a symbol of glamour, 37 large black hair more alluring, a small woman and aura have at the same time, the winner in life. In her natural Xi Mengyao, highlights the natural over her delicate face in Xi Mengyao, highlighting her delicate face, glossy black hair envy, want to do such a bright, in the wash.相关的主题文章: