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Business Clay Sand Crushing Plant Malaysia Clay Sand Crushing Plant Introduction Realize sand treatment process of casting production mechanization is an important component. Cores sand preparation will have a direct impact on the quality of the casting production and increase yield and cost reduction; Due to the complex process of sand, clay sand treatment and transport workload is very large and the environment is very bad, So said sand processing mechanization is the important component of casting production. Sand treating section is the main task for modelling core-making provide qualified sand and &industry core sand. Clay Sand Processing In Malaysia clay sand crusher machine Old sand through quantitative device falls high speed rotating regeneration plate under the action of the centrifugal force, the wear-resisting cast around to ring, sand and wear-resisting ring and sand between the interaction between the rubbing and collision, the sand surface film is removed, the binding of regenerated from wear-resisting ring and regeneration of sand dropped, between dish Meanwhile, and regeneration of the same one axis disk fan upward drum wind, forming strong airflow of falling sand boil, FengXuan, to bond film and dust, satisfied the regeneration technological requirements of sand. Old sand treatment died clay content is low, the new sand add quantity is little, mix of wet high intensity, moulding pressure permeability good liquidity. Malaysia Clay Sand Crusher Machine Clay Crusher has a wide range of uses, the hardness is not high, but the clay processing, especially in deep processing, fine processing is more complex. As the clay sub-crystalline and amorphous material, water layer, generally 15 to 28% moisture content, a larger viscosity, specific gravity heap 0.8 ~ 1t/m3, thus breaking them become more difficult. Some professional institutes, design and development of the 2PGC1250x1250, 2PGC1400x1400 Double Roll broken clay to solve the cement industry, the material requirements of 35 ~ 70mm in size, but it can not meet the requirements of crushing process. clay sand crushing plant Clay Crusher Machine Use In Clay Sand Crushing Plant In Malaysia The difficulties of broken clay, almost breaking it off in the secondary. Breaking and crushing coarse clay, although there are some difficulties, but has basically been resolved.Users want to shreds breaking is: a broken discharge is less than 65mm, less than two broken 15mm, yield ~ 45t / h, sodium handling, but in the country has not broken to find a suitable model. Primary crushing roller breaking space instead of increasing the secondary crusher, but the wear is too severe, the finished product size, production can not meet the requirements. Moreover, since the crushing ratio is too large (65/1.6), must be set at least two broken, so that each of the wear and tear caused by severe and greatly increased power consumption. Increase in power consumption did not increase grain size and yield of qualified products, but increased consumption of wear and tear. Clay Crusher Machine Of Clay Sand Crushing Plant Manufacturer For Malaysia Therefore, both from an economic point of view, or from the configuration of rationality, efficiency of resource use, said a pressing need to increase the appropriate secondary clay crusher. The main clay crushers are impact crusher (Hydraulic impact crusher, PE series impact crusher), cone crusher (Symons cone crusher, Hydraulic cone crusher, Spring cone crusher) and Vertical Shaft impact crusher. As soon as possible if you want to learn more, Please click here, we will provide you with the most attentive service, and provide you with the best solutions for your project calls for at least the capital, To bring you more benefits. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: