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Chulalongkorn University, Thailand’s oldest Sohu – Chulalongkorn University (English: Chulalongkorn University) is Thailand’s oldest university, known as "China’s most prestigious universities, but also one of the best university in Thailand, similar to the domestic Peking University and Tsinghua university. The school is named after Jura Ron Kama King Rama V, is the founder of Wajilawude King Rama VI (H.M.Vajiravudh). Not far from the Chulalongkorn University Erawan, Erawan Yufan walk from ibis, from Simian Fo out check the map, to the Chulalongkorn University is more than a kilometer, and do not intend to continue to walk to the car. En route to the Jura, passing a building, there is a statue in front, not who went to inquire about the specific way, continue to occasionally encounter some foraging birds, dove, people walk or be afraid that they usually saw the people are very friendly, not to scare them, but not to hunt them for about more than and 10 minutes, finally arrived at Chulalongkorn University School, this is the gate of the school, is outside the road, near the shoot, so wide under somewhat distorted. The campus environment is very good, the sweet, fragrant flowers of the lotus pool was opened, this is Chongqing sail this year to see the earliest open Lotus, domestic generally in June before the opening, and then a lotus opened here in March, is very magical, the camera is wide, lazy without changing the lens, really the good shots in the middle of the lotus pool and not to the water lily, the middle part of the flowers are some of the common big lotus is on both sides of the symmetrical Thailand style building the school environment is very good, the Angkor Wat towering old trees sculpture in Kampuchea is very common, is their belief of totem to move on, there is wide lawns and tall trees, the environment is very beautiful, and some buildings interspersed with the center of the campus, there is a huge The three square, the top is Thailand King Rama V, Jura Ron Kama sitting statue, when Chongqing sail through, is in a class of students are devout worship. The flowers of the sculpture, the midday shooting backlit. The students in the campus, they are the top students in Thailand, have a chance to read into the Thailand most famous institutions of higher learning schools; a lot of celebrities, for the people, the princess should not strange? Every famous university she is from the school to go out there is a lake, Chulalongkorn University School of the same, in front of a large square lake adds more aura for this prestigious university! Yu Fan tips: 1, traffic: take the subway to the Sam Yan station, or walk from Siam square to the south, about 10 minutes. From all walks of Buddha walk as long as more than and 10 minutes, if you can not find the road, it is recommended to use the map (recommended Google map) navigation forward; 2, tickets: no tickets; 3, opening hours: 8:00-18:00相关的主题文章: