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Health Cancer does not respect fame and fortune…. We all know that as long as you’re breathing and still doing some activities in your life, you have the possibility of getting a cancer. Cancer is a disease that can strike and kill anyone on this planet. Anyone can be a victim; it attacks rich or financially poor people, a politician, a president, a teacher, a researcher as well as the celebrities. Nowadays, in our generation, cancer cases are continuously growing. Nevertheless, survival cases are actually also increasing. And we want to know just how these cancer victims survived a killer disease, did they try undergoing some alternative cancer treatments? Or did they simply concentrate on doing typical cancer treatments or maybe they have done both. Here is the list of famous people who’ve been diagnosed with cancer and survived. 1. Kate Jackson – who can forget Sabrina Duncan of Charlies Angels 1970s television series? She is one of the most renowned characters of early Charlies Angels series. She was a two-time cancer of the breast survivor; the first time she was diagnosed with cancer was in 1987 right after the end of Scarecrow and Mrs. King TV series. She had successfully .e back on TV and shoot for Baby Boom; however, the series lasted for only one season since the audience did not like it. In 1989, her breast cancer came back while she was starring in a series referred to as Lover boy. She successfully survived her two cancer incidents and thats one reason why she was featured and became a cover of People magazine in May 1992. In her feature, she shared just how life changing and motivating her ordeals were. 2. Rod Stewart – Hot Legs, Sailing and I Dont Want to talk about it, are three of the greatest hits that made Rod Stewart one of the most famous singing sensation. Even so, as we all know cancer doesnt respect any one. It doesnt care how prominent you are or exactly how great you’re; Rod learned that he had a malignant thyroid gland in his throat while doing a routine checkup in 2000. He, for the meantime, quit singing to undergo a surgical treatment for his throat. The cancer was taken out surgically and Rod eventually returned to his first love which happens to be singing soon after his operation. He informed everybody that he felt a lot better after that operation. 3. Lance Armstrong – Tour de France is what made Lance Armstrong popular and rule over the world of cycling. He’s one of the most famous cyclists, winning Tour de France seven times! It was after his seventh consecutive win that he was clinically determined to have testicular cancer. Testicular cancer is a cancer developed in the testicles which is a part of male reproductive system. He was identified to have 3rd stage cancer in 1996, and the cancer cells have spread all over his lungs and brain. Despite the fact that everybody knows that it’s unattainable for him to pull through, he underwent two surgeries aimed to remove his testicular cancer and another to remove the one in his brain. He eventually survived and educated himself about the disease and this eventually motivated him to create a foundation in 2008 which was named Lance Armstrong Foundation and Demand Media. These people are certainly the same as us; they’ve the same body parts much like us. The thing is, nobody is absolved from having cancer. No popular person can get away as soon as it happens. Get inspiration from these folks, they never lost hope, they chose to live thats why God gave them a 2nd opportunity at living. If you are diagnosed with cancer now, use that as an inspiration to other people. You might like to try doing alternative cancer treatments. Anything you may think that is helpful and will help you, take action. And use your life tale as an inspiration to other people. You may not be as renowned as these celebrities, but surviving this disease can make you even famous than before, because you have inspired and used the lessons of your life to help others. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: