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Private cattle scattered all show the reporter Xu Rui, betting reorganization editor Qiu Jiang in the capital market investors are groping for stocks to make money "the ultimate" — Research on technology trend is, for those who have found that the value of mining industry, space is. In the A-share market A unique investment environment, there will be a large number of investors will dig restructuring shares as the way to win their investment. Inventory of disclosure of information of listed company shareholders holding the latest earnings report, it is not difficult to find, although to bet the reorganization of shares as the goal, but the stock ideas of these investors are different: in the face of changes in the merger and acquisition policy and environment, some investors "Zoupian Jian Feng", the gem does not allow backdoor reorganization frequently selected the expected stock; some investors "full of gambling", "non ST" stocks do not buy, the day after the pump is energized; some investors ignore the change of external policy conditions, relying on its unique system of firm to buy stock eligible stocks; more investors out of stocks is limited, according to the macro policy to promote the route, from top to bottom latent target stocks, in order to share the dividend policy. Zhou Xingang: the main gem with the disclosure of the semi annual report of listed companies to the end, the former perfume king, now the most cattle retail investors once again become the focus of attention of the outside world, Zhou Xingang. According to statistics, as of August 29th, Zhou Xingang and his wife and daughter Li Xin, Zhou Chen has been stationed in more than a dozen listed companies ten shareholders list. This means that, in the past more than a year, although the A-share market experienced A three irrational slump, but during the Zhou Xingang family has not been much affected, now can still be large nets, so calm the layout of stocks. From the shareholding distribution point of view, Zhou Xingang is still the GEM stocks have a special liking, the focus of its own account holders of the 9 A shares of the subject, the GEM stocks up to 7. Behind the "hunt" GEM stocks, the outside world once thought Zhou Xingang was on growth related stocks. Now, although the GEM stocks can not be backdoor, but Zhou Xingang is expected to grasp the merger and reorganization of such stocks is quite accurate. Details of view, the GEM stocks held by Zhou Xingang, there are new science and technology, science and technology, Hengtong luyitong in suspended planned reorganization of assets, Kang Yue Technology in suspension after several months in July this year released the first restructuring plan and the resumption of planning, asset restructuring or reorganization of assets of the company has accounted for more than half. The Zhou Xingang bet restructuring shares a unique vision. In addition, the wife of Zhou Xingang, the small board stocks held by the German forces shares have also been suspended planning asset restructuring. "Week letter steel focus on mining in the GEM market restructuring is expected to have its shares, investment logic." A private person told reporters that the GEM stocks although the initial market value is small, but most of them have the idea of bigger and stronger, such as foreign mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and other related capital operation, after the implementation of market growth, Zhou Xingang will be the maximum degree of sharing the resulting investment income. Chen Qingtao: only buy ST shares compared to Zhou Xingang, another famous cattle scattered Chen Qingtao advocates "wealth insurance requirements, the investment has a strong" theory相关的主题文章: