By three generations of the poor people do not have satellite photography aerial photography of life

By three generations of the poor people do not have satellite photography aerial photography of life is not complete for 3 million years land animal humans always have a heart to conquer the sky photographer, as a member of the human race, also have the same dreams, aerial uncontrollable and time-saving but extremely expensive, deter many photography enthusiasts. But as long as you have the opportunity to set foot on the journey of the aerial photographers most will tell you that it is a road to incomparable no return. If you want to SLR ruined life photography, three generations of the poor, the aerial is how much you pay? The panoramic aerial light: clear the sun broke through the clouds and cut to the top of the mountain hot balloons, helicopters, unmanned aerial aircraft, which? Although the balloon can also get aerial effect, but the balloon of topography and climate are higher, is difficult to fully control, able to adapt to the shooting range is too small, and not the first choice. At the same time, unmanned aircraft aerial popular, not too can achieve the plane shooting effect, less likely to obtain similar shooting experience. So, there are about two kinds of mainstream aerial aircraft: helicopters and light aircraft (maximum takeoff weight less than 5670 kg of aircraft). In between, the helicopter is a better choice. The cost of the helicopter is slightly higher, but it can be opened on the fly, or even tear down the door and window, to reduce the reflection and deviation, for photographers, is undoubtedly the biggest advantage. The photographer can get great vision and shooting angle in the aerial way. Just take a view, the photographer can easily avoid the rotor. Ultra wide field of view on behalf of the photographer can be at the same point shooting, try different shooting range, shooting to reduce the possibility of failure, even in flight, can also be on the same object multi angle shooting, within a limited time period, this may be the key to decide whether to shoot satisfactory shooting the answer. At the same time, the helicopter’s flight speed is more controllable than light aircraft, not only to meet the requirements of shooting, low speed flight, and even in the same place can be circled for more time for shooting. Robinson R44 helicopter, the rental price is relatively cheap, can quickly remove the door, is the most commonly used in aerial helicopter. Modified models including pilots, carrying a total of 4 people, is widely used in the field of flight training, air Ranger etc.. The following is a wide field of view with a wide range of wide-angle photos, is taken by the door of the R44, in the nanometer than the desert shot. Of course, here said the cheap is relative, in open low altitude airspace in Europe, R44 one hour rental prices generally at about 6000 yuan, while the other helicopter price will be doubled it, more than 11000 yuan per hour. According to each country, different terrain, helicopter prices will probably increase upward, in some of the attractions of the parking position, the helicopter less scarce resources, it is more than ten times the growth, even if some photographers get over 3 hours of quotation. The light plane can only open the window, or if bad luck, only through the glass window!相关的主题文章: