Brazil oil company corruption continues to ferment a number of political heavyweights or been implic sexinse

Brazil oil company corruption case continues many political heavyweights – or were implicated in the Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on September 25th news (reporter Wang Yuxin Yang Jing) according to the China voice of the "national network news" reported that the Brazil Supreme Court justice Savvas Ki No. 23 decision on authorization development including the current Senate President Karel Ross, an independent investigation into alleged corruption and just officially became president of Brazil near temer, a number of Brazil’s "heavyweight". The decision of the Brazil Supreme Court in 23 officially announced, this decision is some time ago to arrest president of Brazil oil transportation company based on Sergio’s testimony made by the Brazilian?. Machado’s testimony involves a wide range, there are more than 20 party members from Brazil, heavyweight members are involved. According to Machado said, during which he served as president of the petroleum transport company in Brazil in 2012, was a vice president temer and air force base when the capital Brasilia had a meeting. Temel asked Machado to provide about 1 million 500 thousand of Real, which is about 3 million yuan of funds, help was running for mayor of St Paul, the Brazil Democratic Movement Party candidate Gabriel challita?. Not only that, Machado also claimed that the project rebates, about 100 million reais (about 200 million yuan) of the "black money" put into the Democratic Movement Party temer pocket. So far, the presidential palace in Brazil has not made any statement on the matter. In the next period of time, the prosecution will conduct an independent investigation of the involved in politics more than Brazilian confessed bigwigs. But even so, as the current president of Brazil temer still can temporarily survive. According to the current law of Brazil, the president is only responsible for what he has done in his office, and will not be the object of investigation for the time being outside his office.相关的主题文章: