BOC pounds or low revisited is difficult to break the $1.05 record low innawoods

BOC: pounds or low revisited is difficult to break the $1.05 record low of U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks in Beijing on the evening of 7 Reuters Friday pound fell to 31 year low moment, BOC Hongkong chief economist E Zhihuan said that if the dispute upgrade Britain and the European Union, does not rule out future exchange rate will try again low, but fell to $1.05 in 1985 is unlikely to historic lows. She also believes that if the devaluation of the pound can only change its exchange rate, does not affect the euro, the dollar sustained substantial unilateral appreciation of the opportunity is not high, the pressure of RMB and other currencies can be controlled. The following comments: this morning, the pound against the dollar exchange rate fell to $1.1841 since 1985 lows, then quickly rebounded to around $1.24, compared with the previous day and still closed on Friday fell by about 1.5% and 4.3%, since this year the pound against the dollar fell 115.7%. The market is still relatively divergent views, referring to the transaction is a result of a sharp increase in program trading, dragged down the exchange rate in a short period of time. I believe that the analysis is expected to rise in the context of the U.S. dollar interest rate hike, the market for the United Kingdom will eventually be able to shake off the soft reaction of the European dream. On Sunday, British Prime Minister Wen Cuishan interviewed by the media pointed out that Britain will be in March next year before the formal end of 50 through the Treaty of Lisbon to the European Union put off Europe, which is the fastest in April 2019 Britain will officially leave the eu. The financial market worries again from Europe will hit the UK and EU economy, especially the British financial industry can continue to have a single pass, sterling exchange rate depreciation pressure rise. A hard off Europe may have a comprehensive impact. Although the short-term economic performance is not obvious blow, but the British government will be held next year before the end of March through the Treaty of Lisbon in 50 to the European Union formally from Europe, and launched a two-year negotiations with the EU, to determine the future both in economic and political relations among the New England, whether in the maintenance of a single market access, financial in a single pass, immigration and pay a fee to the EU will become the focus of investment will directly affect the local enterprises and employees in asset markets and consumer confidence, and will also be affected, will bring the conflict to the EU and the UK economy. In addition, next year in France, Germany and Holland will hold a general election, the British and the continued weakness in Europe, refugees and economic or will bring support for suspected Optima, Europe will appear by the suspected Optima led government is still unknown, increased political risk, the financial market will inevitably lead to renewed wave lan. A single pass in the UK financial sector will bear the brunt. Recently, the market rumors that the financial sector is not the primary consideration of the British government, but also to deepen the market’s concerns about the EU’s hard to take off, and worried that the financial industry will lose the advantage of a single pass. Although the EU provisions pointed out that if the European Economic Area countries have the same level with the EU legislation in different countries, they can also provide some financial services within the EU, but the relevant provisions did not cover the entire financial industry, such as retail banks have not been included, i.e. 3 of Britain’s financial institutions相关的主题文章: