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Arts-and-Entertainment Bjork Concert Tickets : Heaven Sent For Us Mere Mortals The President of Iceland got it right in 1997 – he conferred on Bjork the title of Lady, for services to her country. Lady Bjork started as a new age punk princess and her incredible voice got her an album deal at the age of 11. She then sang in various anarchic punk bands in Iceland until she hit the bigtime with The Sugarcubes. Her addictive new age dance music ("Big Time Sensuality" and "Human Behaviour") propelled her to goddesshood and made her not just Bjork Gudmundsdottir (the name she was born with) but simply "Bjork". When you’re really famous you can get away with dropping the last name and to be honest I’m glad she did – Bjork Gudmundsdottir is a bit of a mouthful! Bjork’s music and her dreams are her life. She won’t be reigned in by genre or trends – she creates her own music and changes her identity to suit – and she goes wherever the music takes her. Her concerts are exceptional events. Not for this Lady the easy repeat of past efforts. Bjork takes you on a highly charged, emotional journey and you’re guaranteed to feel refreshed, amazed and saying "Wow" for a long while after. Sheer and utter magic! If you can get a Bjork Concert Ticket, get it and put the world’s troubles on hold for a while. A Bjork concert is an incredible "one-off" – for each tour, she not only reinvents herself as a person but she takes her music to the extreme. Whilst her CV includes vocalist, musician, .poser, singer-songwriter, producer, arranger, programmer, actress, fashion model – it can in no way explain the phenomenal range that she embraces within some of these categories. For instance, her music includes influences of dance, trip hop/electronica, folk, punk, new-age, jazz, classical,pop and more. And each track has a clear vision. Take Vespertine, her first solo release following the critically acclaimed Homogenic in 1997. The name itself has a literal meaning relating to the evening, and the theme of dark nights in a cozy, .fortable place. Bjork .mented at the time that : "The album’s very much about being alone in your house in a very quiet, introverted mood." And it was exactly that. A brilliant album for late nights with some peace and quiet, a glass of brandy and some cheese and biscuits! Sheer heaven! And so it is with every Bjork concert. You get transported into a different world by a musical genius who puts her visions and dreams before critical success or album sales. Every project Bjork touches turns to gold, so if you get a chance to see one of the all-too-rare events called a Bjork concert – get the best ticket you can afford. It’s an experience not to be missed. About the Author: Author Bio : Brad Peters Brad Peters is a writer of "all things music". He spends far too much time at concerts, gigs and anywhere that has a remote chance of music being played live (many times his local pub in North London!) To say he’s passionate about his job is a clear and simple understatement.. Brad’s reviews are essential reading before you melt your plastic. See Brad’s views on Bjork at Bjork Concert Tickets Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: