Biography Ctrip will acquire U.S. Hotel James Liang Ctrip investment company exit safe mode

Biography Ctrip will acquire U.S. Hotel Liang Jianzhang: Ctrip not cast company Liang Jianzhang: "without loss of Ctrip company" map: Liang Jianzhang Beijing September 13, recently, Ctrip announced, will issue $1 billion 300 million American Depositary Receipts (ADS) and the $900 million senior convertible bonds, the total size of the Ctrip $about two billion. Investors on the latest round of Ctrip convertible bonds and the issuance of shares, the re emergence of over subscription. Thus, Ctrip has created China technology company overseas private placement of the highest amount of record, but also broke the Asia Pacific (excluding Japan) at the same time, the largest private placement of convertible bonds and records. Ctrip bring positive returns to investors, is the reason for its oversubscribed. But this huge fund-raising, in the end what is the use? Market rumors, drops, beauty wine tour are likely to be even tuniu, Ctrip’s next acquisition target. In this regard, Ctrip co-founder, chairman of the board of directors and CEO Liang Jianzhang for the first time, clearly pointed out: Ctrip investment enterprises, will be profit oriented." He said that Ctrip has been a profitable gene flow, so far, has been the only profitable online travel companies. On this basis, Ctrip investment enterprises, the same is a profit oriented. Prior to Ctrip’s investment in Yongan, Hongkong travel agencies, as well as the United Kingdom and the British air ticket inquiry website Travelfusion, etc., are the best example." The market rumors Ctrip will be acquired by the United States Mission Hotel, does not meet the current situation." He pointed out: the United States has been profitable Hotel Group argument, in fact, is a false proposition." Over the past few years, the United States mission is actually a price sensitive consumer groups, and the use of giants who are not concerned about the low star market". From the perspective of the future layout, Ctrip will strengthen investment in the low star market. At the same time, where to go and so on in the low star market in the u.s.. At the same time, WeChat’s hotel reservation entrance, Baidu Nuomi, including elong have entered this market. In this regard, the industry believes that once the giant into the low star market, the United States mission to train the price sensitive consumers, there will be no loyalty on the words, it may be possible to vote with their feet migration positions. In a strong competitive environment, the United States Mission hotel is difficult to have a sustained profitability, and there is no adequate industry service barriers, and finally, it is difficult to get the price of the real user’s favor." Executive vice president of Ctrip, large accommodation group CEO Sun Maohua had so frankly. Liang Jianzhang further pointed out that the current situation, and now the chain hotel, have been assembled from the u.s.. Moreover, the United States Mission hotel has no high star products. The long term, the United States mission will only burn the way to hold the position, "which we don’t need." He told reporters. In fact, to maintain the industry’s only profitable online travel business, the results of the implementation of the convertible bonds in the end, has been adhering to the principle of generous returns to investors. For example, in 2014 Priceline $500 million of convertible bonds and $2 investment相关的主题文章: